About Party Rentals & Decor

Party Rentals & Decor

Who We Are

Party Rentals & Decor came to fruition several years ago after our founder, Salvador Frutos, a business growth strategist, discovered that the party equipment rental industry was plagued with poor customer support and low-quality party equipment that ruined weddings, birthday parties and other special events in the San Diego County area.  After two years of research and development, Party Rentals & Decor was launched – and six months later it became a fierce competitor in the party equipment rental market.  We attribute our growth to our amazing customer service and attention to detail which enabled us to obtain a greater referral engine month after month.

Party Rentals & Decor has the most sophisticated party equipment rental, order tracking system, and customer satisfaction rate in the industry.  Our unique ability to not only gurantee top quality party equipment rentals, and also to keep impriving our service, has provided us with great growth and customer retention.  All we really care about is how we can turn your party or event into a successful event that you will sherish for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents, event planners, wedding planners, birthday party planners with high-quality party rental equipment and customer service, unlike any other.

Party Rentals & Decor took a giant leap forward to developing a state-of-the-art party equipment rental platform that focused on creating a user-friendly online rental process, while simplifying order processing, and refine the product quality to maintain a consistent, trustworthy, and highly reliable party rental program that exceeded our customers expectations.

Our Customers

We truly believe that our customers deserve premium-grade customer support every step of the way.  Every single week, our team at Party Rentals & Decor undergoes an in-depth analysis of our customer satisfaction program, to ensure that every phone call, email, text, facebook message is being answered in a timely manner.

Our unique, unparalleled collection of party rental equipment, packed with unmatched pricing and premium grade customer service, has made Party Rentals & Decor the leading party equipment rental provider in the nation.  And we intend to keep it that way.

About Our Team

Nick Hasse

Customer Satisfaction

Nick has been at the forefront of our customer satisfaction program for several years.  He’s job is to ensure our customer receive adequate customer support consistently during every step of the way.

Marcus Brekson


When it comes to ensuring our party rental equipment is well maintained, properly cleaned and sanitized, there is no other like Marcus.  He knowledge of environmentally friendly cleaning products continues to shape our cleaning process, to ensure top level equipment maintenance.

Paty O’Brien

Customer Support Supervisor

Due to our high customer satisfaction rate and supreme customer service, there is rarely a need for Paty to invervineene.  This is primarily due to her obsession with ensuring that our customers receive unmatched service, party rental equipment and on-site support.