Princess Palace

High-quality, durable, and designed for hours of entertainment, our Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper offers an open-air bouncing experience.

For $235 you will receive:

  • Access to several fun activities
  • Open top allows open-air bouncing
  • Mesh walls ensure plenty of parent supervision
  • Easy ramp for access and exit
  • Cornered off jumping area to prevent injuries or accidents
  • 100% insured
  • Free delivery

If you want to add fun, excitement and healthy activity to your party, then the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper is just what you have been looking for.


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Princess Palace Jumper Rental San Diego


  • Add Tables (recommended):
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  • Add Chairs (recommended)
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  • Add Canopy/Tent (optional)
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  • Concessions (optional)
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  • Add Concession Servings (optional)
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  • Power Generator (optional)
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Product Description

Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper: All Day Rental

With the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper, your party guests not only get the opportunity to bounce and jump, they can also enjoy the open air design and several other exciting activities. When you rent our bouncer, you will enjoy a high-quality, durable and well-designed bounce house that is specifically designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little princess.

We ensure each bouncer we rent is made of the highest quality, fire-resistant vinyl on the market today. This ensures your party-goers will not only be safe, but also have a great time while they bounce and jump. We put safety at the top of the list and ensure everything is setup properly and ready to go prior to leaving.

Jump House Features: Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper

When you rent our Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper, you will find there is much more to do than just bounce. While there is a large, cornered off bouncing area, the jump house also features a climb area and slide, pop-ups, and several obstacles to keep kids busy and active. The bouncer is also educational, allowing those inside to play a counting game with the gemstone art, or even to name all the princesses present.

Pricing: What is the Cost of the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper?

For only $235 you can enjoy a full day of bouncing and exploring fun with all of Disney’s favorite princesses. We offer on-time delivery and flexible delivery times to suit your event or party. However, we also require all bouncers to be picked up by our technicians by 7 pm. If you are willing to pay an additional fee, you can also use the bouncer overnight, giving you even more time to enjoy the interactive play provided by the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper.

Our technicians will arrive at the set time and provide complete setup of the bouncer. They will also ensure everything is working properly and secure prior to leaving. This is to give you peace of mind that users of the bouncer will be safe while inside.

Specifications of the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper

For just $235 you can enjoy use of the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper all day, or pay an additional fee to use it overnight. The size specifications of the Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper are as follows: 19 ft. wide, 16.5 ft. long, and 11 ft. high. The unit weighs 350 pounds.

Mickey Mouse Park Junior Inflatable JumperDisney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper: Delivery Details

We delivery anywhere in San Diego County, from Chula Vista to Escondido.  Disney Princess Palace Interactive Jumper: We deliver every day of the week including holidays after 8am & pick time can be before 6pm. That’s ten hours of pure interruption free bouncing fun!  View Party Rental Equipment and Jumper Delivery Policy.  

Additional Information

Concession Details

Hot Dog Steamer: Comes without servings

Snow Cone Maker: You need to buy ice bag. Comes with 50 servings and you can choose between our two flavors.

Cotton Candy Maker: Comes ready with 50 servings. Two sugar flavors to choose from.

Delivery Areas

San Ysidro, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, National City, Coronado, El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Poway, Del Mar, Miramar, Escondido, Lakeside and the rest of San Diego county.


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