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Carnival Party Rentals

Best Collection of Carnival Themed Rentals

When you start searching for “carnival party rentals near me,” you’ll quickly find our company. Located in San Diego, we specialize in offering carnival party rentals for all types of parties. Whether you need to host a fundraiser for a church or school, have a child who wants a carnival bday party or want to throw an anniversary party with a fun theme, we can help. We have all the carnival party supplies that you need to throw a successful party.

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Our collection of carnival games will have your guests enjoying your party or event for hours.
We have the lowest rental prices for the highest quality carnival party equipment in San Diego.
Our award winning customer service will ensure that your items arrive on time, as expected.

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Everything you need for your carnival party or event

Carnival Party Games for All Ages

One of the hardest parts of tracking down supplies for a carnival bday party is simply finding the games that you need. You’ll find some games that are great for kids and some games that are great for adults but few that work for all ages. Our carnival party rentals include games that all guests will enjoy and appreciate. One of the benefits of working with us is that we will deliver those carnival party supplies to the location of your choosing. We will take care of both the set up and the take down at the end of the party.

Types of Games and Booths Available

After taking a look at our carnival party rentals, you’ll find that our rentals are exactly the same as those you would see at a real carnival or festival. You can rent a balloon burst game that comes with two or more water guns that correspond to a balloon. Players use those guns and compete to see who can fill their balloon the fastest. A high striker machine lets you test your strength against others to see who is the strongest. We can rent other types of booths for your event that will delight guests.


What good is a carnival bday party without some fun prizes to win? That is why we can arrange for your booths and games to come with the party supplies that you need for winners. We recommend that you talk with us about your budget, which allows us to suggest some of the prizes that are best for your party. Those prizes can include small toys and gifts that are exactly the same as those you would win at a real carnival.

Backdrops and Photo Opportunities

Our carnival party rentals include a number of backdrops and photo opportunities that allow your guests to take fun photos during your event. You can create a hash tag that lets them upload their photos on social networking sites to share with others, or you can request that they email you copies of the photos that you take. The backdrops that you choose can work with your theme and make your carnival bday party even more fun. We can show you some of the backdrops that we have in stock before you make your final decision.

Party Favors

While a carnival bday party can be fun, you need to think about the favors that you will hand out to guests. With the help we offer in planning a carnival party San Diego parents and party planners can turn to use and get help choosing the best favors. You might want to hand out small treats that guests can eat while having fun or small gifts that they can use at home. We can also help you create goody bags that contain a selection of treats and small prizes. No matter how many guests come to your party, we can help you find the best party favors.

Table and Chair Decorations

Our carnival party rentals include a number of decorations that you can use for both your tables and chairs. Even if you spend a long time planning your carnival bday party, it won’t look quite as authentic as you would like unless the furniture you use works with that theme. That is why we can rent enough tables and chairs for even the largest of events. We’ll even set up the tables and chairs for you. The carnival party decorations that we supply include striped tablecloths and covers in matching designs to cover the chairs.

Carnival Party Accessories

Stylish Balloons

While you might spend a lot of time thinking about carnival party decorations, you may not spend as much time thinking about other carnival party supplies like balloons. When filled with helium, these balloons rise high in the air and help draw attention to your party. We know that you might want a different look for your party, which is why we can supply you with both traditional helium balloons as well as custom balloons designed just for your event. These balloons can even serve as party favors that guests take home with them at the end of the night.

Carnival Decorations

Our carnival party rentals include some of the best decorations that you ever saw before. Before you pick out any carnival party decorations, we recommend that you give us an idea of the final look that you want, which lets us pick out the decorations that will work best for your party. The decorations that you choose can also vary based on your budget and the number of guests coming to the party. We can provide you with carnival party decorations that look just like animals hanging from the walls, striped fabric to create a central hang out place and fun toys that look like those found in carnivals.

Tester Machines

If you search for “carnival party rentals near me,” you may find that we offer some unexpected rentals like testing machines. These machines come in large cabinets that have equipment inside and a trigger or handle on the outside that you squeeze. You can choose one that tests your strength, your love or even your IQ. Most of our machines have a digital or electronic screen that tells you the results it found, but we also have machines that will print out a special message for you. Our carnival party rentals include the fortune telling machines spotted in “Big” and other films too that give you a fortune when you drop a coin inside.

Tent Rentals

The carnival party rentals that we provide for your carnival bday party include tents too. Our carnival tents include larger tents that let you create your own big top under the sun and smaller tents that are perfect for younger guests. When you throw a party on a hot day, you can set up these carnival party rentals around the edges of the party and give guests a place to cool down and escape from the hot sun for a bit. We can supply you with tents that use stripes in white and brighter colors like red and blue that match your other carnival party supplies.

Concession Stands

When attending a carnival party San Diego guests often look for concession stands that feature delicious and easy to eat carnival foods. When you book your carnival party rentals from us, we can arrange for you to have all the concession stands that you need. You can set aside a few stands for savory foods like hot dogs and hamburgers and devote other stands to the traditional carnival foods that guests expect. Popcorn, cotton candy and hot pretzels are just a few of the treats that will make guests remember your carnival bday party. We can even bring along other carnival party supplies that you need, including cups, napkins, plates and utensils that match the colors you selected.

Riding Animals

Some of the more unique carnival party supplies that we offer are animals that you can your guests can actually ride. One of the few carnival attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages is a carousel. As you ride around on those horses and other animals, you can’t help but feel like a kid again. Our mechanical animals and other carnival party rentals help you recapture that feeling. These animals come in different sizes and can support the weight of both older and younger kids. If you have a larger space, we can even set up a carousel for you at your carnival bday party.

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For Colder Parties

When planning a carnival party San Diego planners must think about cold snaps. A cold front that moves through the city can ruin your carnival bday party unless you plan ahead. We offer a number of carnival party supplies that are suitable for outdoor parties that take place during the cooler months. We can arrange for heaters that force out hot air to make guests feel warmer and more comfortable. You may want to rent one or more fire pits too. These pits put out a lot of warmth and are perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs later in the night.

Indoor Events

Our carnival party rentals work just as well for indoor events and those that take place in the great outdoors. If you need carnival party supplies for an indoor party, contact us to find out which ones are more appropriate for your event. We can supply you with smaller decorations that will fit the space without damaging the walls or any other surfaces. When you call us, you can even schedule a time for us to come out to your venue and have a look around. That visit lets us decide which of our decorations, games and booths will fit in that space.

Cart Rentals

One of the best parts about going to a carnival is that you can wander around and have fun without worrying about tracking down a concession stand because of the food carts that you see along the main paths. Our cart rentals let you rent the same food carts that you would see at a carnival. Those carts will work with all your other carnival party supplies and can be used with or without concession stands. We can set up a car that sells ice cream sandwiches and other cold treats as well as those that offer hot dogs, pretzels, roasted peanuts and other snacks. Your guests can grab something to eat without spending a dime.


The most exciting part about going to the carnival is the live entertainment that you see. We can provide you with carnival party San Diego performers to recreate that exciting feel. Our performers include those who specialize in things like swallowing knives or eating fire. You can also choose more traditional performers like singers and actors. A barbershop quartet can even come out to entertain your guests. As you search for “carnival party rentals near me,” you’ll also want to think about artists. We can arrange for artists to come out and draw caricatures, paint faces on kids and even airbrush tattoos on your guests.

Benefits of Working With Us

Though you know the type of carnival party rentals that we supply to party planners and hosts all around the San Diego area, you may wonder why you should choose us over any other company. Many of our customers choose us because of how easy we make planning a party. As long as we know your budget, the size of your party and where you want to throw it, we can recommend everything you need and help you plan your party from the ground up, including helping you choose carnival party supplies, selecting food for guests and decorating before the party.

Our set up and take down services also make us a popular choice. You can let us handle the set up of the chairs and tables that you need as well as all the decorations, food and stands. We will come out after your party to break down and take everything apart too. You’ll also find that we can arrange for the food, workers and live entertainment that you need too, including workers to run the carts and concession stands. When you need carnival party decorations and supplies for an event in the San Diego area, call us.

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