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Looking for chair rentals near you? Ladies, gentlemen and kids alike, please have an imaginary seat – in your favorite and most comfortable rental party chair where value, convenience and great table and chair rentals prices rule the roost. Chair rentals San Diego style means more than great prices. It means fun times with happy customers like you!

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Table and chair rentals San Diego style has a natural design on creating the finest ambiance for parties of all kinds. Adults and kids have style, comfort and easy-access in mind when it comes to fabulous party furniture accommodations. Nobody wants boring old party accessories, damaged, dirty or squeaky old chairs.

Premium Quality Chair Only

Quality and inexpensive chair rental San Diego style may be the best cheap chair rentals in San Diego idea that can make or break your good time. Kids parties definitely need strong, sturdy and easily accessible party chairs that can withstand some abuse – after all these are children. When a child wants to sit down, they need a reliable place to enjoy fun, games and delicious treats without the worry of a less-than-stellar moment low quality chairs and tables may bring – just because mom and pop wanted to save a few bucks.

When researching chair rental San Diego cheap prices, seek the most attractive table and chair designs, reasonable prices and good customer service to come together to reward you with the most affordable and kid-friendly options available. The whole purpose in a party chair rental San Diego quest is to discover the gems behind the name for the ultimate party table and chair rental experience.



What do Kinds need for Party Chairs

Finding great little chairs to satisfy younger kids’ whimsical spirits just takes a little creative thinking. A great place to start is to know that young children love bright colors and lots of space to play and get creative. Brightly colored chairs are just the party feature to complement a child’s vivid imagination and playful visual experience.

Our friends at banquet tables provide us with a great table and chair seating arrangement guide.

Darling plastic, stackable chairs are the perfect solution for a roomful of happy, peppy children. These chairs are solidly designed with hardy plastic which suits kids’ comfort levels and offers a sense of lighthearted safety and security. Many plastic, stackable chairs are seamlessly crafted for stronger support. Seamless, plastic stackable kids’ chairs are tough enough to climb on, tump over and go through the rough and tumble actions a child can put a chair through.

Chair Rentals San DiegoGreat Quality Chair Rentals in San Diego

Another great convenience with kids’ stackable plastic chairs is all about dirt vs. clean. These handy, easy-to-clean little chairs don’t mind sticky fingers, gooey candy and frosty cold drinks one bit. With a simple rinse with the hose or a wipe down with a sanitized cloth, clean up’s a snap.

A large part of the fun of using plastic, stackable chairs is that they come in all sorts of colors which can be mixed, matched or grouped in solitary color themes. These little chair beauties really do make any party pop with color, excitement and imagination. Children automatically migrate toward their favorite colored chairs which gives them a sense of security, permission to express and an overall feeling of happiness.

Young children’s folding chairs are another lovely option for all kinds of special occasions. More mature parties like weddings often include children’s participation and invitation. Providing a more formal white, folding chair for the children is a wonderful way to make them feel special, as well as keeping in the theme of a more adult or formal design.

Usually, folding chairs are designed for children aged 2 to 8 years old. This wide age span can allow for bigger savings if various aged children are attending the special occasion. Some folding chairs are metal some are a hard plastic. Both usually come with plastic seat and back. White frame with either blue, yellow, red or white seat pads and backs gives any party all the best color options a host can choose from.

Seat heights typically follow an 11″ measure for easy off-and-on accessibility. Table sizes are available in 4′ and 6′ round and rectangular options to assist in accommodating personal party spaces.

Line up rectangular tables for one long table or group different shapes together to make an eclectic arrangement. A quick and easy seating idea is to set up children’s various colored chairs next to groups of small 4′ tables. Create personalized and decorative spaces with crayons and paper, easy puzzles and snacks for a seating space kids will love to call their own.


Chair rentals San Diego style means taking care of everyone’s seating needs. Kids from 1 to 92 need a place to sit down and relax. White adult folding chairs can be rented easily to provide convenient seating for everyone. White folding chairs are easy to carry, easy to set up and easy to remove. Set adult folding chairs around tables for smiley faced pancake breakfasts, PB & J afternoon lunches or hamburger and hotdog dinners.

Chair Rentals Birthday Parties, Weddings and More!


When looking for great deals in party tables and chairs San Diego style, there is no turning back from some of the great deals you can find. A child’s party can be any size, at any location and at any budget. It makes sense to get as much bang for your party buck as possible by selecting tables and chairs that will also serve as a supporting leading role to the entertainment being provided. This means exploring thrifty and popular rental options like economic package deals kids and parents can’t help but love.

For example, selecting a table and chair group package of 3 tables and 18 chairs at a discounted price is a great budget-saver. Utilize kid’s and adult’s chair and table packages for your seating needs. Renting kid’s tables, chairs and a jumper bouncy house or jumper slide all in one can save parents time, money and frustration while providing peace of mind.

Instead of renting tables and chairs from separate companies, parents can reap the convenient benefits of working with one company, one cost and one set-up/tear down by professionals who understand the ins and outs of the party equipment process. Renting favorite colors and styles of chairs and tables will make your kids’ smiles the life of the party.

Kid’s party tables are the perfect size for younger folks and easily moved for creative placement. Place birthday gifts on one table and drinks on another. Cluster tables and chairs together where kids can share in everything that is going on around them.

Renting party tables and children’s party tables also assists in serving solutions for concessions by providing better organized and ready-to-go surfaces for hungry guests. Kids will love snacks they can reach by themselves on a child’s 4′ round table. More sophisticated concessions like hot dog machines, popcorn making machines or snow cone machines can easily be grouped together on one or two 6′ rectangular party tables indoors or outdoors.

When using party chairs and tables outdoors it is important to provide extra protection from the elements of weather-related concerns. Renting tables and chairs for food service and guests need overhead canopies that will provide the extra protection and comfort. The more tables and chairs needed, the larger the canopy. Place kid’s decorated tables and chairs under their own personal canopy to make a special statement.

wedding-chiavari-chair-rentalsFor Weddings


If ever there was a time to have a party, the time is…any time! When it comes to special occasions where tables and chairs come in handy, think big and discover the perfect children’s table and chair packages you can’t live without. Here are some helpful ideas where renting kid’s party tables and chairs work well:

– Backyard Birthday Parties
– Beach Parties
– Carnivals
– Holiday Seating
– Outdoor Concerts
– Amateur Theatrical Indoor/Outdoor Seating
– Church Socials
– Company Picnics
– Anniversary Parties
– Children’s Pool Parties
– Petting Zoo Parties
– Children’s Sleepover Parties
– Fundraising Occasions
– School Athletic Celebrations
– School Break Celebrations
– Wedding Receptions
– Graduation Parties
– Buffet Lines
– Craft Booths
– Just Because I Want to Have a Party, Party


Tables and chairs may not sound creative; but things are about to change! Children’s tables and chairs can instantly become a part of a child’s imagination. Here are some ideas for kids to utilize their personal expression by turning tables and chairs into incredible projects that keep kids busy, happy and entertained:

– Cover the top of a 4′ round table with colored tissue paper sections that are cut into shapes of eyes, a nose and a mouth that resembles the features of your child. Use a little tape, add a little colored yarn for hair and voila, a table look-alike of your child.

– Each child gets his or her own chair. Provide colorful crayons and brown paper grocery bags for kids to color their favorite pictures on with their name. When finished, place open end of bag over back of chair. Each child now knows which chair to sit in during the rest of the party.

– Line up 6′ rectangular tables end to end. Place a roll of white paper over the entire length of the tables and tape to secure. Provide crayons, fabric pieces, streamers, buttons, glue sticks and other craft items for children to create their own masterpiece pretend-place-mat right under their nose.

– One of the best uses for kid’s rental chairs ever invented is when used for the game of Musical Chairs. Kids love this game. Place at least 5 chairs in a circle, start the music and watch your kids try not to be the one who doesn’t get a chair when the music has stopped. Plastic chairs are great selections for this spirited game.

– Young ladies love a beautiful tea party. Imagine a sweetly decorated 6′ rectangular table with your young lady sitting at the head of the table sipping out of her finest plastic china tea cup. Again, place a roll of white drawing paper on top of table and tape securely. Decorate place settings ahead of time by gluing plastic jewels and gems in the shape of a saucer and entree plate. Decorate with fresh flowers, pink hearts, sparkly sequence strewn about the table, little candies or finger snacks and all the tea in China.

– Set kid’s tables and chairs under a large tree with branches. Drape extra large ribbon of different colors that are long enough to drape over tree branches to form the shape of a canopy for a very personalized, very creative and intimate garden party space for the kids to enjoy.

– Baseball loving boys and girls will love sitting around their 4′ round table decorated with a white table cloth designed to look like a big baseball. Simply cover table with a white cloth or paper table cloth and cut out baseball seams made of red felt. Glue one or two red felt seams on top of cloth for an exciting home run table decorating idea.

Renting kid’s tables and chairs offers opportunities of endless potential and creative uses. These versatile products are the answer to children’s and adult parties and occasions. San Diego’s table and chair rentals have a lot to offer where style, prices, quality and performance are concerned. Families are turning to convenient party table and chair solutions for their children and special occasions by counting on less expensive routes to success that will go the distance.

Kid’s tables and chairs are a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to serve up amazing parties for any reason. Folding chairs, stackable chairs, plastic chairs, colorful chairs and accommodating table sizes will help everyone have more time and freedom to spend celebrating together. Reduce worry, frustration and a strained pocketbook with superior seating solutions that offer quality service, reliable seating and savvy serving results. Once you get the tables and chairs you need, the party your child has dreamt of is only a quick set up away!

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