black and white dance floor for rent in san diego
black and white dance floor for rent in san diegodance floor rental san diegoblack and white dance floor rental san diegowedding dance floor rental san diegodance-floor-black-and-white san diego rental

Dance Floor Rental San Diego

Price is for a 12ft x 12ft square feet dance floor. 

Please contact us for a custom quote. We offer two different types of dance floors for your wedding, quinceanera or other special events: Black, White, Black & White Checkerboard and Natural Wood Floor with 4ft by 4ft blocks.  Each block costs $13.


  • Premium Acrylic Material
  • Anti Slip Compound

Dance Floor Options:

  • Glossy Black and White
  • Checkered
  • Natural Wood

Dance floors are subject to availability.

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Product Description

How Dance Floor Sections Workdance floor rentals san diego

When you first start to look at options for a dance floor for rent near me, you will notice that you can rent small sections and piece them together. For example, you may choose a dance floor for rent in San Diego that is comprised of four-foot squares or three-foot squares. These are interlocking pieces, and locking the pieces together gives you complete control over the size, shape and cost of your dance floor. For example, you can create a 12-square foot dance floor for your event when you link a total of nine four-foot squares together. When you are looking for a dance floor for rent near me in San Diego, you can see that these squares are ideal for customizing your dance floors specifically for your needs.

The Options for San Diego Dance Floor Rental

If you have decided to start shopping for dance floor rentals San Diego, you will love the fact that these segments or interlocking squares are easy to snap together and are available in various colors. Some people who book a San Diego dance floor rental will opt for a solid hue throughout the dance floor area. For example, you can choose an all-black or all-white dance floor rental in Chula Vista. There are also wood-grained dance floor rentals San Diego to choose from. Another idea for your Chula Vista dance floor rentals is to create a checkered pattern, stripes or even a bull’s eye with alternating use of different colored dance floor squares. If you are shopping for a dance floor rental near me, ensure that the various colored pieces can lock together before you place your order.

Choosing the Right Dance Floor Materials for Your Needs

As you begin exploring the different options for Chula Vista dance floor rentals, you may notice that some options are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use, and others do not specify what type of environment they should be used in. Unless the dance floor rentals San Diego specifically state that they can be used in an outdoor environment, you should assume that they are most well-suited for an indoor environment. However, you can make an inquiry to our friendly staff members if you are uncertain. Remember that you are responsible for any damage to the dance floor for rent in San Diego that your guests or Mother Nature inflict on it. The options for an outdoor dance floor for rent near me may be slightly more expensive, and you may prefer to choose cheaper Chula Vista dance floor rentals to save money when planning your event. However, dance floor rentals San Diego that are designed for outdoor use are more durable and may hold up better in this type of environment. This means that you may avoid paying for damages when you choose the most ideal dance floor for rent in San Diego based on where you plan to use the dance floor.

What You Can Use Dance Floor Rental San Diego For

The most obvious use of dance floor rentals San Diego is to provide your guests with a flat, level surface to dance on. However, the best dance floor rentals in San Diego can be used for a variety of other things. For example, if you are hosting an outdoor event and are worried about the possibility of a muddy ground ruining your event, you can spread dance floor segments across the entire surface area under your canopy or tent. You can also use the dance floor segments as supportive areas to ensure that the buffet tables are steady. They even make an ideal walkway if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. Some creative couples who have found the ideal venue for their event but who did not like the floor color have even used a dance floor rental in Chula Vista to change the color of the floor. This helped them to achieve the ideal ambiance in their preferred venue.

A Full-Service Rental Option

You understandably want to find the best dance floor rentals in San Diego to use, and we are a full-service option that stands above the competition. Our prices for dance floor rentals San Diego include delivery and setup of the floor segments as well as removal of the segments after the event ends. If you need additional assistance with setup, the team can be contracted to setup tables and chairs at the same time as the delivery of your dance floor rentals San Diego. This additional service can help you to save time and energy on your wedding day, and you will love how affordable our rates are.

Your dance floor rental in Chula Vista can be used to dress up your décor and to make your venue more functional for your event in various ways. With this in mind, it is important to carefully consider how you plan to use dance floor rentals San Diego and where the segments will be placed before you make your reservation. With a limited number of floor segments available, it is wise to book your reservation as soon as possible to ensure that your dance floor rental meets all of your needs.

When planning a wedding reception, anniversary party, quinceanera or other special event, you understandably want your guests to have an amazing time with a perfectly sized dance floor.

You understandably want to find the best dance floor rentals in San Diego, and we are ready to serve your needs. We have been a leading source for San Diego dance floor rental services for many years, and we can assist with all of your needs regardless of how minor or significant they are. After learning more about the products we offer and the services we can provide, you may be ready to reserve your dance floor through our company.

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