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Rustic Barn Party Tables For Events

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, a family reunion or even a backyard shindig, nothing beats the rustic charm of the vintage-inspired farm tables.

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Choose from our beautiful, high quality and custom built rustic barn party tables you won't find elsewhere.
We offer unmatched pricing with any of our custom rustic barn tables. We will meet and beat any other price for the same table!
You will receive your rustic barn party tables in a tip top and sanitized condition precisely at the time you specify.

Rustic Barn Tables For Rent

The most amazing collection of custom barn tables

They are available in various types, wood, designs, paints, and sizes. If you see any table of any kind, Farm Table Rentals San Diego is the place to make a stop. We specialize in providing unique pieces you need to create an incredible event.

BBB & Chamber Of Commerce Accredited Company

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and The San Diego Chamber of Commerce, you can rest assured that we will offer you the best service. We are committed to helping you select the right design, style, and type of event rental that fits your décor. Nothing comes short in our inventory. Our services range from simple wedding designs to full-scale corporate event design. We pride ourselves on providing the best services as well as working with you every step of the way.

If it is your first time hosting an event and you’re at a loss on which tables to use, we will design a custom vision board, for you, to make things easier. Our inventory and services include:

• Rustic wood table rentals
• Wedding door rentals
• Bench rentals
• Cocktail table rentals
• Chair rentals
• Bar set rentals
• Cabana rentals

wedding-farm-table-rentals-san-diegoBarn Table Rentals for Weddings

Our farm tables for rent in San Diego are always updated with new pieces added daily to cater to the broad range of style demands. Go through our inventory online or just contact us with any information you seek. Don’t hesitate to let us know of any particular piece you are looking for. We are always happy to travel, and we will deliver them right to your doorstep.

Why Choose Us for Your Farm Table Rentals?

At Farm Table Rentals San Diego, we understand the ever-changing event industry. We know why most people are moving away from the traditional and conventional venues towards unique space, outdoors and other natural settings. As such, we will provide you with all the creative pieces worth of enhancing the success of your event.

We offer the best farm tables for rent in San Diego. Our pieces are beautifully crafted and handmade from a wide selection of vintage and rustic woods, salvaged from various parts of the country. We believe that by using heirloom furniture and handcrafting them for our collection, perfect masterpieces will abound. This is why we reclaim and polish our tables to perfection, which results to pieces ideal for a particular home décor and style.

Unmatched Prices. Amazing Collection.  Custom Designs.

Our San Diego farm table rentals are available in a wide range of assortments including outdoor styles, rustic wood tables, rectangular, round, square, and cocktail tables. One piece is not the same as the second one, and for this reason, we are the best in offering a variety of farm tables for rent in San Diego.

We also offer delivery services. Contact us, let us know where you are, and we will get to you in no time. Nevertheless, we will help you set everything up to the way you like it. Although our pieces are handcrafted and bespoke, it doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of cash. Our prices are competitive and suited to most budgets.

farm-table-weddings-san-diegoRustic Wood Table Rentals

Built with rough and robust plank tops, San Diego farm table rentals can be used as guest tables at several events like wedding receptions and holiday parties. We stock tables of different shapes and sizes, such as squares, rectangles, rounds among others. All the tables will typically suit a couple of guests. They pair well with various types of seat designs including the cross-back vineyard chair models.

Multiple Rustic Table Options for Your Wedding or Event

Most people prefer to use a mixture of traditional round table with farm tables. However, at Farm Table Rentals San Diego, our rustic wood tables are custom made to specifications. Availing them in several colors, most will blend with all types of décor from vintage to formal. Apart from our walnut and white color finishes, we also stock raw wood finished pieces in our rustic table rentals San Diego collection. Used with a set of barn doors and create a unique and incredible backdrop entrance to your wedding venue. Add your stylish chairs, plates, flatware, arbors, chalkboards, and lighting to complete the ambiance for the event.

We offer San Diego’s Best Barn Table Decoration Service

Also, if you want to create a perfect display of items like flowers, drinks, buffet, among other necessary things, to your guests, our tables are perfect. From cocktail tables to bar designs, they add a rustic feel to your wines and drink stations, candy bar, and the whole event in general. The best part about our farmhouse tables is that we can customize them to meet your desires.

With our farmhouse rentals, you can complement the theme of your event regardless of whether the color is citrus, eggplant, summer, tangerine, kiwi or navy. Our prices are competitive for all the benches we offer.

barn-table-decoration-san-diegoBarn Table Decoration

Our benches come in various lengths, and although they are standalone fixtures, they are occasionally rented together with our farmhouse tables. The benches are ideal for ceremony events and combined; they can seat up to eight guests or more.

All our pieces are hand built and polished to bring out the grain, and you will find them in caramel, walnut, chocolate and white tones. Whichever the finish you need, we will provide. The benches are ideal for use with cake, beverage and reception farmhouse tables.

Worried you can’t find the kind of seat you are looking for? We will do a custom job for you. Apart from offering and customizing the best farm tables for rent in San Diego, we will craft any design to meet your style. Contact us and familiarize yourself with our inventory and if you have a particular type of bench in mind, we will be happy to search or make it for you.

Nothing should stop you from having that beautiful ceremony you desire. With our help, you will have a one of a kind bench set-up that you will remember for ages.

Wedding Door Rentals

Congratulations! Your big day is a few days away, and we at Farm Table Rentals San Diego are here to make it a success. Our wedding rentals, furniture, arbors, arches or other decorations are second to none.

Want to create a grand ceremony entrance with the best wedding door there is? Don’t hesitate to contact us. From antique wooden doors to arches, we don’t mind your distressing us for a wedding door and other accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you are tying the knot in a large open field or at the beach, our specialty pieces will add the best touch.



Our Collection

We have French wooden wedding doors, which creates an elegant seismic point for receptions and ceremonies alike. These masterpieces can also be used as arches for the ceremony or entrance to your isle. Also available, are antique French doors, which can be rented as a wedding door set or individually, depending on your preference. They also double up as photobooth backdrops, general décor or seating charts.

If wooden wedding doors and the old types are not your styles, we also have wooden Pergola arches you can use for your event. Whether you want to use them as a covering for our wooden farmhouse tables, photo booth backdrops, or as additional pieces to a bar set, Farm Table Rentals San Diego will deliver them to your venue.

The wedding doors and arches come in various finishes crafted beautifully to blend with the theme of your wedding. Have your florist add a touch of white and autumnal tones with potted plants, foliage, among many more. We aren’t short of anything, contact us with information on what you need, and we will deliver that freestanding weathered door you so desire.

Cocktail Table Rentals

No cocktail hour is complete without an antique wooden table. For every occasion, event or party, you can trust us to provide you with a perfect platform where you can rent farm tables in San Diego. In our long line of rustic farmhouse tables, we come to your rescue by delivering reliable quality cocktail tables and bar sets ideal for the cocktail hour. The tables can also be used for additional standing space during receptions.

The wooden tables are a perfect match with our farm-style wooden tables. They are available in various styles, sizes, and finishes and can be rented as a lounge set., which includes benches and a coffee table suited for several guests.

Our cocktail tables at Farm Table Rentals San Diego have different wood tops and are available in square, circle or rectangle shapes. If you need a large whitewash espresso table, waste no time in contacting us. We will offer you the best height tables, with others that can sit up to eight guests.

You can get the best value by renting our cocktail tables with our benches, fruitwood folding chairs or our farm style rustic tables. We will also offer you the best price if you want to buy some of the cocktail tables that impress you.

We are constantly updating our inventory to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorite wood type, finish or style of the table you want for the occasion.

farm-table-rentals-san-diegoBar Rentals

The desire for the vintage feel, natural textures and splashes of rustic color brings your outdoor event to great heights. Particularly popular with some of the pieces in our rustic table rentals San Diego, are wooden bar rentals. It is an excellent addition to your wedding, corporate event or party, and it gives you an incredible look you are searching for.

Pick Your Tables and Chairs

Our wooden bar rental gives your event an organic look and paired with our chairs, benches, and cocktail rustic tables, it creates a perfect scene and a dreamlike ambiance. This natural setting makes the best blank canvas to add details like wine bottles, glasses among other items that will help you tie in the night.

Our wooden bar rentals are portable. Some are made of robust and reliable walnut pines and equipped with shelves for additional space and easy serving of the drinks by the bartenders.

If we do not have your exact piece or size, we can customize or source and rent it for you at competitive prices.

Barn Table Chair Rentals

Wooden chairs are essential to any event regardless of whether it involves dining services or require table use. At Farm Table Rentals San Diego, we offer not only rustic wooden benches, but also a wide variety of chairs.

Our chairs come in various sizes, types and with finishes.  The collection includes chairs that range from Tuscan café chairs, wood vineyard chairs, white resin and fruitwood folding chairs among other wooden sets. Because we understand the need for variety, we also offer vintage studded or padded seats, vinyl padded and plastic options to make your guests more comfortable.

wedding-decorationWhat We Offer

No matter what the occasion is, we can provide the perfect rentals for your wedding, office parties, backyard shindigs, conventions, and banquets. Get the best deals by pairing the chairs with our farmhouse tables, wooden benches, bar rentals among others.

Should any of our chairs impress you, you’ll be thrilled to know that they are also proprietary. We don’t only rent them, but sell them as well. With our inventory updated daily, we will never run short of the type of chair and finish you are looking for. Our prices are also affordable. Contact us and let us make your next event something to be remembered for ages.

Cabana Rentals

Cabanas add more relaxation to guests on a sunny day, and if your wedding is taking place on the beach, or during summer, using one comes in handy. You don’t have to worry about hosting an event on a sunny day. Contact us for a cabana of your choice. We will offer or source different types of cabanas ideal for several guests. From various seating number and style, your event will be made complete.

We offer wood cabana rentals that not only look beautiful, but adds a vintage touch to the occasion. Combined with any of our farm table for rent San Diego collection, the cabana looks elegant. Not to mention how breathtaking it is with fabric for shade. Your event will include a private and perfect relaxation spot with a farmhouse table, seating, personal wait personnel or bartenders.

Whichever the case, we are here to make all your dreams come true. You can as well add our miscellaneous items that include lanterns, chandeliers, candles among other lightings to complete a romantic evening. Contact us today for immediate deliveries to your venue.



Pallet Wall Rentals

Pallet walls are used for a variety of reasons. In events, people use them as photo booths, ceremony backdrops, bar décor, room or space divider among other functions. Depending on your event and your budget, you can use as many as you can for the space available.

Our pallet wall rentals are made from rustic wood, reclaimed and repurposed pieces as well as a combination of several wooden frames. They work best if you can rent farm tables in San Diego with us to get a complete set and ambiance your event should have. They are available at competitive prices and fantastic deals when ordered with other pieces in our collection.

Delivery Services

After contacting us for any of our farm table for rent San Diego furniture piece, we will be glad to deliver them to your venue. As per your request, we will also help you set them up to fit the style and décor of your party. This, we can do early the morning of the event, or, as in some cases, the eve of the event.

Our delivery costs vary depending on the size of your order, the ease of access in setting them up as well as the location of your venue. Our services are flexible. After the event is over, we can either pick the rentals on the same day, in the evening, or the next day, depending on your schedule. All in all, we are ever glad to work with you and provide you with everything you need to make the event a success.