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At Party Rentals Online, we feature samples of your pick of beautiful and durable linens for your party or event. We carry tablecloths, table runners, overlays napkins, sashes, and chair covers, because when it comes to linen rentals San Diego knows we can’t be beat.


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San Diego Linen Rentals

Our rental consultants will assist you in the planning of your event and help you determine what linens will be appropriate for your gathering. When they need experts in linen rentals San Diego residents know we will create their rental orders based on what they feel is best suited to the occasion,and we will help with matching tablecloth lengths to their existing tables, and those they are planning to rent.

Tablecloths San Diego: Measuring

Before you decide on color schemes and fabrics, you need to measure your tables to ensure that you get the best fit. Here are some guidelines for measuring different table shapes:

– Round Tables

If you subtract the table diameter from the diameter of your linen, and divide by two, you will find your table drop, or the length that your table linen will hang from the top of the table. Remember, diameter is measured straight across a perfect circle from one side directly to the other.

For example, if you have a 100 inch round table and a 200 inch round tablecloth, you would subtract 100 from 200 first. Then you take the result, 100, and divide it by 2, getting 50. Therefore, the 200 inch round tablecloth will cover the 100 inch round table and drop 50 inches off the edge and toward the floor.

– Square Tables: Tablecloth Rentals San Diego

To get the appropriate tablecloth drop for a square table (all four sides equal) you should subtract the table length (or width, since they are equal) from the linen size, and divide the result by 2.

Therefore, if you have a 72 inch square table and a 100 inch sqaure table cloth, you need to subtract 72 from 100, which equals 28, and divide it in half to equal 14. So, your 100 inch square table cloth covers your 72 inch square table and leaves a table drop of 14 inches from the table top towards the floor.

– Rectangular Tables

In order to get the table drop figure for a rectangular table, you need to subtract the length of the banquet table from the length of the linen and divide the resulting number by. In a rectangle, the length is the longest two sides which should be equal in length Then, subtract the table width from the linen width and then divide the differences by 2.

Other Linen Products We Carry: San Diego Linens

– Napkins

Do you prefer them folded into a fan or tied into a knot? Either way, when it comes to party napkins, we have you covered. The right napkins can help pull the overall look of your table décor together, and our event planners can help you to find the exact design and material that you will need for your big day. Whether you are looking for durability for a young child’s birthday, or an elegant splash of color to set off your wedding party, we carry an unrivaled selection.

Tablecloth Materials

Tablecloth Materials

We carry tablecloths in a variety of fabrics, materials, and designs. Here are a sampling of our most popular types:

– Polyester

Polyester is a chemical composition made long chain polymers composed of esters linked by terephthalic acid and a dihydric alcohol. As a result, this man made fabric is extremely rugged and strong. The material is also resistant to almost all chemicals, mildew, and abrasions. It makes the best tablecloth material for children’s parties because it is shrink, stretch, wrinkle, and stain proof. Not to mention, its hydrophobic nature means that it is quick-drying in the event of an untimely spill.

– Damask

Damask is a complex fabric made from linen, cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers. It typically has an ornate pattern that is created by weaving. They are typically produced in monochromatic weaves and feature fruit, flowers, leaves, and other fancy art. Some of the threading may even cause highlights in the material that reflect light in different ways depending on the position of the person observing.

– Pintuck

Pintucks are actually folds in the fabric and not the fabric itself, which can vary. These folds are not unlike pleats, but they are stitched tightly to be held in place. The pintucks add a decorative effect to plain polyester or cotton fabric. These folds are extraordinarily narrow and created parallel to one another in a group of many. They appear as visual lines from a distance.

– Burlap

Burlap is a woven material created from sisal fibers, or the skins of jute plants. Similar to gunny cloth, which is, like burlap, used in military applications, it is combined with other vegetable fibers to make a dense and coarse fabric that is eco-friendly and inexpensive. The material is non-shiny, yet durable, with a bit of a fuzzy feel upon contact. It is nearly indestructible.

– Organza

Organza is a sheer fabric that is usually made from silk, but it now can include synthetic fibers. In modern times, it is weaved to extra thin and plain using polyester or nylon filaments. It is traditionally used in evening wear and bridal wear, so it makes a sophisticated addition to an elegant night time event, such as a prom, or it can add class and beauty to a traditionally-themed wedding.

Linen Rentals San Diego: Satin

Classic satin has a glossy, shiny surface on one side, and a dull, flat surface on the other. The luster is due to the number of floats, or missed interlacings in the fabric. The sheen is actually due the fact that reflected light is not as easily by the fibers due to the inordinate amount of floats. It is best used for weddings and formal occasions due to its luster and delicate nature.

Chair Covers

Chair covers, pads and sashes:

We have both sham and elastic chair covers in a plethora of colors and fabric selections. Whether you want to match the table linen, or you wish to set up a contrast with the napkins, or you simply want to reflect the event’s theme, we know that we carry the color of your choice.

San Diego Linen Rentals

Did you want to jazz your chairs up even more? We also carry coordinating chair bands, ties, and sashes to accessorize your seating. Whether you choose a bright color to off-set basic white covers, or a dark color to coordinate with a pastel, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Are covers and sashes a bit excessive for your party? Try adding decorative, yet understated cushions. We have beautiful, yet functional covers to make your chairs comfortable while also creating the perfect look.

– Table Runners

Whether you are a do-it-yourself bride, an event coordinator, or a frazzled friend trying to plan the perfect baby shower, table runners and table overlays are inspired table accents that are sure to enhance your design palette. Classy and stylish, they can add to an already beautifully dressed table. WE carry several different patterns, colors, and materials, so you are guaranteed to find what you are seeking out to complete your dream table settings.

Linen Rentals San Diego

In conclusion, at Party Rentals Online, we carry classic party rentals linens with both your taste and your budget in mind. We carry a wide range of fabrics, styles, hues, and patterns that are high-quality, yet affordable. We also strive to provide you with the best customer service as we help you to find San Diego table linen rentals that work best for you, and assisting you if you have any questions about the products that we carry.

After all, whether they are throwing a party at their homes, planning a banquet, or looking forward to their only daughters’ weddings, we carry the perfect table linen rentals San Diego residents can count on. Linen Rentals San Diego: We have linens in every style because we truly believe that every party is as unique as the person that is putting it together. So whether you want trendy or traditional, classic or avant garde, you can trust to have the San Diego linen rentals you desire on hand.


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