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Party Decorations for All Occasions

Whether it’s for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or holiday celebrations, parties are an integral part of a rich, full life. Whether you are hosting a party in your home, an event venue or even an abandoned warehouse, the right party decorations can brighten up any location and lend a festive atmosphere to any event.

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Everything you need for your birthday, wedding or special event

No matter what kind of event you are throwing or hosting, there are a wide range of party decorations in a wide range of price points that can add just the right touch to your festive event. Best of all you can pop down to your local party supply store to pick up last minute birthday party decorations or even order your party decorations online. We have many options for your to choose from:

We have many options for your to choose from:

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Ceiling Decorations
  • Centerpieces
  • Drinkware
  • Plates
  • Cutlery & More

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dinnerware-onlineLuau, Black & White, Princess


Throwing a luau is a great idea for summer parties. Whether you are looking for birthday party decorations or just fun, cheap party decorations, you can get a wide variety of Hawaiian themed party decorations online or at your local party supply store. Paper or flower leis, tiki torches, grass skirts and palm tree themed accessories are all great party decorations for a luau. If you happen to have a pool, that is a great location for a luau, but even if you don’t, you can still transform the most basic backyard into a tropical paradise. Kid-sized pools complete with maybe a shark fin or two and a load of sand can help create your own backyard oasis.

Black and White Party

For a more formal event, there is nothing simpler that a good old fashioned black and white party. You can use a wide range of black and white party decorations and birthday decorations ranging from black and white streamers and balloons to black and white tablecloths and place settings. You can also add some sparkle and sizzle to plain black and white party decorations with coordinating gold or silver accents as well. There are actually a number of themes you can also incorporate into your party decorations including chess pieces and checkerboards or you can even host a masquerade ball complete with black and white masks.




Princess party

There is little that little girls love more than a princess party. You can always look online for great birthday party decoration ideas, but for kids party decorations, you can’t go wrong with lots of bling. Birthday decorations can include sparkling tiaras, bejeweled wands, princess hats, glittering streamers and sparkling lights. Whatever birthday decorations you use, one thing that is for sure is there is just not enough glitter and bling to overdo it at a princess party. Strings of lights and simple mesh netting make excellent birthday party decorations that can turn even the most simple, ordinary space into a fairy-tale wonderland.


Custom Tailored Décor

Pirate party

Party decoration items for a pirate party include gold coins, treasure chests, eye patches, parrots and of course tons of skulls and Jolly Roger flags. Kids party decorations can also include toy sabers and swords and possibly even a cannon or two. If you’re looking for decoration for birthday party, you can find everything you need right here. Pinatas also make great birthday decorations and can be an excellent addition to a pirate themed party. Instead of filling the piñata with candy, you might fill it with gold coins, inexpensive gift cards or other party favors for children to take home with them. Birthday decorations might even include a crocodile or two or maybe a plank to walk into a pit of foam. If you need to plan a few different parties over the summer or in a short period of time, you can reuse a lot of your pirate party decorations for a luau or vice-versa.





Football party

Whether it’s celebrating the Super Bowl, your local high school football team, your returning college football hero or even just a football-themed birthday party, there are a wide variety of great football decorations available online and in your local party decorations store. Pennants, flags, banners, jerseys and helmets all make great birthday decorations or general party decorations. Mini goal posts and fun-sized footballs are also great party decoration ideas that can even be used for a number of different party games. Gridiron decorations are easy to make using construction paper or you can even buy a gridiron table cloth for all your great football-themed food. Football isn’t complete without lots of snacks and munchies, so make sure you rent plenty of tables to hold all the great food you make!

Good old-fashioned birthday party

While you can always host a themed birthday party, sometimes you just want to throw a good, old-fashioned birthday party complete with traditional birthday party decorations. Decorating for a birthday party doesn’t have to break the bank and cheap party decorations can include streamers, balloons and simple wall decorations or happy birthday banners. For kids birthday party decorations, you may want to include traditional pointed birthday hats or even a variety of fun, silly hats. Photo booths are rising in popularity at parties so birthday party decorations can also include items for use in a photo booth, like tiaras, mustaches, glasses and fun hats on wooden sticks they can hold for the picture.

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80’s party

80’s birthday party decoration is most likely to include lots of neon colors and you can find great party stuff online to throw a splendid 80’s bash. Even kids who weren’t alive during the 80’s can still have a great time at an 80’s birthday party. Childrens party decorations might include Care Bears or My Little Unicorn decorations or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For the adults, birthday decorations might include video arcade games, boom boxes and lots and lots of neon. You can even send guests home with party favors ranging from Rubik’s cubes to fingerless gloves to rubber bracelets. An 80’s party is also a great time to reuse some decorations left over from your pirate party or luau by having a Miami Vice themed party. Fun 80’s party games might include pin the glove on Michael Jackson or even 80’s movie and music charades. A few 80’s themed party ideas include:

  • Thriller party
  • Madonna party
  • 80’s hair band party
  • 80’s video game party
  • 80’s movies party
  • 80’s cartoons party




8. Garden Party

Party decorations for a garden party might include lots of flowers and flower prints, particularly those of the vintage sort. To get party decorations cheap for a garden party, you can check online or even go to your local thrift store. The great thing about decorations for party of this type is that an authentic vintage look can include mismatched items like individual cups and saucers or a variety of tea pots and if they have a few chips or scratches here or there, they just look that much more authentic. You can host an actual garden party and serve tea and finger sandwiches or you can have a more adult garden party with a variety of wine and adult beverages. For a garden party, you’ll probably want to rent extra outdoor seating and be sure and have plenty of tents and awnings to provide your guests with plenty of shade!

9. Graduation party

Whether it’s an 8th grade graduation, high school graduation or even college graduation, scholastic achievements are always something to be celebrated. Party decorations can include small scrolls, diplomas, tassles and graduation caps and gowns. Party decorations can also include pictures from childhood and possibly even a few of the embarrassing ones! Graduation is a time to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of your scholar, but since most graduations happen right around the same time, many people are often committed to attend a number of graduation parties on the same day. If you want to serve food at your graduation party, you’ll want to rent plenty of buffet tables and chafing dishes to keep food warm or cold as your guests rotate between parties.

10. Anniversary party

Whether you’ve been married 5 years or 50, celebrating every year of your union together is an important part of your life together. Anniversary party decorations will of course depend on how long you have been married and what anniversary it is. Gold and silver anniversaries are generally more formal affairs, since they are major milestones in a couple’s journey together, but even paper and wood anniversaries are milestones worth celebrating. You can find a wide range of decorations for every type of anniversary and even information about where to buy party decorations online.

party decorations onlineCustom Decoration

Wedding reception

Wedding receptions are generally among the most formal and important of parties and we have a wide range of party decorations for this most important event. From arbors and arches to tables, chairs, tablecloths and flatware, we can make your wedding reception an event to remember.

Sweet 16 party

There are some milestones that only happen once in life and turning 16 is one of them. There are a number of things you can help your little girl celebrate at a sweet 16 party, from getting her driver’s license to turning from a little girl into a young woman. Birthday decorations for a sweet 16 party can range from beach party decorations to spa party decorations to even a fun casino night. The sky’s the limit when it comes to great party ideas for your little girl’s sweet 16 and we have everything you need to make this special occasion one of the most memorable events of her life.

40th Birthday

Like a sweet 16 party, we only turn 40 once. Unlike a sweet 16 party, the 40’s are often considered the gateway to old age and retirement and a great time to razz the birthday boy or girl. Coffins, tombs and black cakes are often the favored themes at 40th birthday celebrations and are one of the few times in adulthood where we might go all out to plan a special birthday party for someone. Whether you want to tease the birthday person or just throw them a special event, we have everything you need to help them celebrate in style.

Casino night

Whether you just want to have a fun night with friends, have a bachelor or bachelorette party or even use it as a fund raising event, casino nights are a great opportunity to don our most festive attire and engage in a little high stakes fun. Whether you want to go for the modern glitz and glam of a Vegas casino night or turn back the clock to the bygone days of the Rat Pack, there are a number of casino night themes to choose from. Whether you are decorating your one-bedroom apartment, a poolside extravaganza or a full-sized warehouse, casino night decorations can include neon lights, poker and blackjack themed decor or even the sequins and feathers of Las Vegas showgirls.

Holiday parties

Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day Easter, the 4th of July and even Cinco de Mayo are all great occasions to throw a party. Whether you are having a small, intimate affair or a blow-out party, you’ll probably need plenty of additional supplies to host a house full of people. Whether you’re having an indoor party or an outdoor one, we have everything you need to feed, entertain and even shelter your guests. From planning for inclement weather to sheltering guests from the sweltering sun to decorating for your party and feeding all your guests, we have all the supplies and decorations you need to throw a holiday party so fabulous, your guests will want to come back to your house next year and every year after.