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Party Rentals Online is your solution for all the event planning and party related demands.  Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, we provide you with accessories, tables, chairs, tents, concessions, jumpers and more!

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party supplies san diego
We provide you with party supplies of the highest quality that are inspected prior to shipment or delivery.
Our party supplies are affordable and provide you with unmatched military and volume discounts.
We ship our items the same day if ordered before 11am, otherwise they are shipped the following day.

carnival-party-rentals-san-diegoParty Rentals


It is a special day for you, for this reason, you will want to have enough a wedding plan that one day when you look back at it, it will be one of those days your smile shone the brightest. In the quest for perfection, people often look for the best wedding planners they could grab. You want everything going smoothly until the day ends. Luckily, Party Supplies San Diego are here. We will provide everything from floral arrangements, tables, reception, tents, China wear and everything a perfect wedding could ever achieve.

Not only can the best party supplies in san diego provide these services, but we can also rent you additional stuff that you need. Entertainment, podiums, address system, as well as doing furnishings and decorations. Whether it is a private wedding or a normal wedding, we got you covered.


As days get along, you get enthusiastic about holidays and you are constantly on the lookout for the most interesting costumes. Are you looking for spooky costumes for Halloween holidays? What about for the fourth of July? Do you want red for your Valentine’s Day? Struggle no more. Head over to, san diego party supplies shop and you will get all costumes and colors, red, blue, black, skeleton like, flowery hearts and decorations among many more.

Worrying about outdated costumes? You shouldn’t anymore. We daily come up with new ideas and decorations one can think of. Contact us and have a selection of the best supplies unlike any other.

Rental Services

Are you considering a party or an event coming up but can’t seem to know where you will outsource what you need for it to be successful? Try Party Supplies San Diego. We have a vast majority of things you require to get started on the idea. Our team will help in the planning of the event, rent you the necessary resources, be it security, different types of glassware, tableware, cutlery, tables, chairs and many more things that you need. Party Supplies San Diego will also involve you in the planning and see you through it.


party-accessoriesAwesome Party Accessories!

Everything you need for your party or event

For any event, occasion or party, you normally have a clear picture of how you want it to be like. You create a dreamlike mental picture that gives you a warm smile on how realistic it can be. However, because of finances and other constraints, everything will or might remain as just dreams. It all suddenly seems far fetched until you hear about Party Supplies San Diego.

We’re Here For You!

We understand what you are going through and are committed to being at your service all the way. With san diego party supplies, you are one step ahead of the event you are planning. Hell-bent on throwing you the best event ever, we offer exceptional services like organizing, decorating and polishing, renting, delivery among a myriad of other things an event or a party needs. The event package and party planning services entail everything necessary for a memorable and successful occasion.

One needs not be sure about where to start, all you can do is give us a call, and from the conception of your idea to the final event, we will walk with you side by side. At Party Supplies San Diego, we have a team of consultants who will sit down with you and hear how you want your party to be like, and we will go along with your idea and further offer better or additional suggestions for the best results. Even better, at Party Supplies San Diego we have the best and the most competitive pricing as compared to others.



We’ve served over 10,000 Customers

We are the best party supplies in san diego, servicing, planning and delivering to events, private weddings and hundreds of other parties whenever we are required.

What we do

We cover a wide or rather broad field in our bid to become the best in what we do, which entails:
• Event Planning, which is the overview of everything we do)
• Supplies
• Rentals

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table-rentals-san-diego-caEvent Planning

Event Planning
As part of our professionalism, we at the Party Supplies San Diego pride ourselves in being successful party planners or rather event managers. This is what summaries everything that we do. We do meetings with our potential clients, hear their ideas, offer suggestions and or go ahead with their ideas if they are brilliant. We will budget together, do a run down of all the expenses that will be incurred and clearly state it for you.

After budgeting, next comes the scheduling of the event; the place where it will take place, help you acquire the necessary documents to hold that party or event there and figure out what people will eat, where will they stand or where they will park their cars. We also do arrangement of sound systems and provide decor, catering, safety, and coordination for all the occasions.

Whatever it is that your party or event needs, as the best party supplies in san diego, we have just about everything you could ever want. Our supply and planning services cover the following areas:

Party Themes
For every milestone you’ve achieved, be it a graduation, a retirement, a promotion, a new business deal and so forth, should you want to throw a party, we have everything for all the celebrations that arise in such situations. At Party Supplies San Diego, we can decorate and give you a specific theme depending on whether you are an adult or a child. Balloons, tablecloths, photo frames, among other supplies.

We do all this with the aim of seeing you smile and ensuring you get the best there is in your special occasion. Besides, if you are having a hard time throwing the party, san diego party supplies will help you throw the party any time you want them to. All you have to do is choose the themes you will go with, whether red, night, light, white, casino nights, VIP parties or any other that you have in mind. We will provide them for you.

In our shop, you will also get to choose personalized gear for games, pirate looks, fun costumes among a myriad of other themes.


party-favors-onlineBirthday Parties & Baby Showers

Baby Showers

At least several times in a month, there are lots of baby showers everywhere. It comes as a welcome of the little one into our lives, and the parents are often showered with lots of gifts and decorations, which are so beautiful. Mainly covering the pink and blue ideas, there are other options you can use for a baby shower with banners, balloons , confetti, favors and games. How about you let Party Supplies San Diego do the work for you? The result will do nothing but to bring lots of joy in your life.
How do people announce the gender of the baby? You can choose to do this the fun way by incorporating ideas that will add more happiness to the occasion. You can use cakes of different colors to differentiate the gender. There are countless options you could come with. You can also use confetti or balloons. The choice lies with you.


We so long to each one of them annually; our birthdays. The joy never fades, whether it is the first one or the 90th birthday, we all love and embrace them knowing we have survived another year and should be thankful. That being the case, san diego party supplies are ever inclined and obligated to make your happiness and thanks worth the celebration.




These parties often bring friends and family close together and there is nothing in the world that beats the feeling you get when you know people are always there for you. Certainly, there is no better way than to celebrate your birthday. All the rentals you need for this type of party are available. They are:
Tables (both for kids and adults), chairs, pop corn, games, candy and many more. Your kid’s birthday and your birthday can never get boring with us. Give san diego party suppliers a call and we will throw you a big party of your preference.

We have a wide array of supplies for birthday people, both young and adults. Ranging from piñatas to balloons, confetti to cake-toppers, or candles and streamers in as many colors as one could imagine, we have them all together waiting for you.

Like the themed parties, you can also choose from a variety of themes for your birthday. You can have different characters, patterns, and colors of tableware. The only thing you have to deal with is coming up with a dream-like theme for your party. We can also offer you more ideas and suggestions to help ease the daunting task of not knowing what to choose. Give us a call, and we will be there waiting for you.
All these supplies come at an affordable price.


party rentals chula vistaWeddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers & More

Catering Services
If you are worried about having to cook for a multitude and end up with exhaustion after the party is over, Party Supplies San Diego will do the work for you without a hassle or breaking a sweat. With the wide variety of cuisines to choose from, one is guaranteed of quality service. Packed with equipment like electrical power, convection ovens, urns for coffee, glasses…among many more options of cutlery to choose from. It is not such a mountainous work if you got san diego party supplies rentals.

Meetings and Conferences
Are you tasked with planning, coordination and the organization of big meetings or the seemingly unending conferences? It can get tasking and will lead to exhaustion or delayed conferences. What should you do? Get the san diego party supplies rentals like flags, projectors, podiums, chairs, banquette hairs, screens, easels among many more. Our company knows what it is you require the most and will avail them as soon as possible.

You wouldn’t want to know what happens next when you forget or mess up an anniversary of your partner. As they mark milestones in the time the two of you have stuck together or remained friends with someone or for any other reason people are having an anniversary, they call for perfect celebrations. Such a celebration isn’t complete without san diego party supplies rentals. Our rentals are affordable and are geared towards creating a romantic or a beautiful environment or scenery for your happiness. It is, therefore, only ideal that with linens, glassware, decorations and cutlery, you create a beautiful memory with your loved ones at home.


Corporate Events
Here, what to rent mainly includes tents, scissors for ceremonies, chairs and tables. Why should you rent these? Corporate events are vital for many companies, organization or businesses. Examples include meetings, lectures, grand openings among others. Without proper equipment and all the accessories required to make the event successful, a lot could be lost in the process. Our company specializes in making sure that your customers, clients, staff and every stakeholder in your business or company get to come together and see the way forward for the firm.


Party Supplies San Diego is an event planning that caters for all your needs. With our rentals, services and other accessories, you can be guaranteed of having the best party ever. How you visualize your event; wedding, church functions, conferences, meetings, birthdays, baby showers and many other events, comes true when you reach out to us. We are knowledgeable on all your needs and know that financial constraints may be your biggest concern. That is why the prices are highly competitive and affordable.

Party Supplies San Diego are ever ready to listen to you and are more than willing to make you realize the most memorable times of your life. They will help you budget, schedule, choose a venue, determine the structure of the sitting positions, the podium, the themes and everything else to be used from the beginning to the end. Your satisfaction and the mandate of wanting nothing but the best results ensure our services are ever on top of others