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We have tableware and serving, themed parties, party favors, balloons, candles, invitations, and more for birthdays, weddings and baby showers!  Supplies are part of the key ingredients to a successful event. No matter what you are planning, you are going to want to find affordable supplies.

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party-accessoriesAmazing Party Accessories

Everything you need for your party or event

Party Rentals Online has one of the largest, complete, affordable and high quality inventory of party accessories.  We have everything you need for a themed, holiday, seasonal, birthday, wedding or baby shower party!

Our accessories include but are not limited to:

• A variety of Party Favors
• Table Decoration
• Chair Decorations
• Different types of Balloons
• Standard and Personalized Banners
• Cups and much more

We do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your party!

We can help you select the ideal combination of party accessories that convey the theme or style of your choosing.  Our process is simple and with our unique three step ordering process, you will be able to find and select the items you need.  And if you need assistance during any of these steps, simply call our award winning customer service line and we will help you.

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To have a successful party, you need to make sure there are you have the tableware covered for your guests.  Tableware and table accessories are a key part of your requirements.  Find out what you need by searching for “where can I rent party supplies.” on our site.   This helps you find the perfect category that has party supplies for rent.  Additional searches like “party supplies rentals near me” also help you find nearby rental party supplies as per hour vendor locator.

For Weddings, Birthday Parties or Baby Showers

We have tableware for just about every occasion.  From weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, themed events and more.  Choose from a large selection of individual or kit-ready accessories to get your party or event going.  There are a significant amount of choices when it comes to tableware. Plates, forks, and spoons are only party of the setup.

Budget Friendly

Depending on your budget and design ideas, there are different chair types to pick from as well. Standard folding chairs are available through most shops and from places offering party supplies online. For a more sophisticated look and increased comfort of your guests, you can look into other types of chairs. There are many different options, and the rental planner you work with is there to assist you explore them.



Good quality linens make your place settings look amazing. They are extremely expensive to buy. To ensure your guests get the best quality linens available, include linens in your party supplies rental. Party supplies online provide you the options you need. The wide variety of colors and patterns let you make your linens match the mood you are creating. The right color scheme makes your venue and décor work together. Having great looking napkins, table cloths, and table runners helps the entire look of your venue become composed.

dinnerware-onlinePlates & Dinnerware

One of the best parts of renting supplies is that you don’t have to do the dishes when it is all over. Renting plates and dinnerware is a great way to keep costs low, but not skimp on quality. Paper plates are hard on the environment, and they are cheap. Plastic forks and spoons suffer the same stigma. Let your guests eat without the poor quality of cheap dinnerware. Affordable party supplies let you keep quality up, without breaking the budget. Different colors, patterns, and types of plates and utensils are available to rent. With the wide variety of options, you are sure to find the plates and dinnerware that you want.

Food and Drink Service Supplies

Food and drinks are an important part of a party. Make the most of it by renting out the equipment you need to make this happen. From food prep equipment to portable bars, you can rent party supplies for any occasion. The party rental location you choose helps you find the best supplies for your needs. To find the closest one, search for “party supplies rentals near me.”



A great looking venue helps make your party look spectacular. Add mood and enhance the feeling with party supplies online. You find the best wedding party supplies when you look into renting party supplies. The options are endless, and you are sure to find something that matches to your wedding vision. There are some wedding party supplies that are going to be specific to a wedding. Things like cake stands, alters, and archways are all going to improve the venue for your wedding.

For birthday parties, birthday party supplies are also available online. Check out the neat décor that you can find. It is easy to make your vision a reality when you are renting party supplies like décor pieces. This is an affordable and sensible option for many of your needs.

For any type of event, other décor options are available for rent. Things like fabric backdrops, centerpieces, and candle holders change the mood of the venue to match what you are envisioning.


Sanitation Stations

When dealing with events, it is important to remember that you have a group of people spending a lot of time in one area. To keep things hygienic, your event is going to need sanitation. This may be provided by your venue, but in cases where there are limited resources, you may need to source your own. This is something that your rental company is able to help you with.

They work with you to figure out what your requirements are for your event. Simple things like hand sanitation stations improve the health and safety of your guests. Some venues, particularly outdoor venues, require more involved equipment. Things like washrooms, sinks, and even garbage pails are all supplies your event may need.

Events large and small require specialty products. These are expensive to purchase, and only used occasionally. Get the best quality, while maintaining your budget by finding party supplies for rent. This makes your event look great, run well, and include everything that you could need.

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From tableware to favors we have it all

There are many events that are enhanced using party supplies. From small, intimate gatherings to large corporate events, birthday supplies rental services help you bring it all together. Here are some of the most common events that use party supplies:

• Birthday parties
• Baby showers
• Weddings
• Fairs
• Special events
• Customer appreciation events
• Retirement parties
• Christmas parties

Party Rentals Online Makes Everything Easy

Any time that you are planning a special gathering, renting affordable party supplies makes it happen. We are easy to find by searching the internet for “party supplies rentals near me” or “where can I rent party supplies.” The staff are there to help you find the right party supplies for your next special occasion.



Special Events

Special events are special because they don’t happen all the time. They are going to be something that is remarkable and unusual. Because these events are not a regular occurrence, it is unlikely that you have all the necessary supplies on hand. To deal with this, you can either purchase things for a one time use, or you can rent party supplies.

Renting birthday party supplies or wedding party supplies help keep your costs down. Many of these items are not something you will use again. Even for annual events, the storage of party supplies can be very expensive.

Rental party supplies let you get high-quality, but affordable, party supplies. Trying to keep costs low is important. However, there is a balance between being inexpensive and being cheap. For many of your events, you want your guests to have an elaborate experience. Purchasing all of the required party supplies is just not something you can do on a limited budget. When you rent party supplies, you are giving the best to your guests, while being mindful of your budget.

Not only is it less expensive and higher quality, but rental party supplies are also easier to manage. Event planning is a lot of work. Anything that makes it easier is a good thing. Party supplies for rent make your life simpler. Most party rental locations help you with the planning, setup, and cleanup. They carry all that you need to deal with groups of all sizes. Renting party supplies lets you do a one-stop shop for everything that you need. This saves you a great deal of time, money, and effort.

When you work with a party rental company, you are talking to people who plan parties and events for a living. There are many small aspects that you might miss. Using a rental shop gives you a hand in making sure you have everything you need.

Using single use items is hard on the environment. Help keep the planet green by using party rental supplies. This keeps plastic utensils and paper plates out of the landfills. Reusing of quality party supplies reduces waste and is a green way to host an event.

The Process

Different venues, party types, and other considerations will impact what rental party supplies you are going to need. The first step in setting up your venue is finding a local rental company. A simple way to do this is to search the internet for “party supplies rentals near me” or “where can I rent party supplies.” Either of these phrases will return relevant results for places you can rent party supplies from.

carnival party equipment rental chula vista caPlaning

Planning the Event

Your birthday party supplies are easy to find when you know what to look for. To begin your planning, come prepared. The place you are renting party supplies from needs a few key pieces of information to start the planning process. The venue, any restrictions, and number of guests are all critical in assuring you are going to have all your party supplies.

Once your party supplies are figured out, the next step is picking out what you want. Party supplies for rent give you a surprisingly high number of options to choose from. Be sure to be as specific as possible to ensure your party supplies are what you want.

Set Up

When you rent party supplies, they will need to be set up. Check with your supplier to ensure the timing of your set up. This takes some coordination with the venue, as there can be additional time restrictions. Your party supplies take some time to set up. Extra care is needed for some venues.


The setting up of your venue takes practice, and your party supplies need to be set up in a specific way. Let your supplier do their job. You want to be present, to make sure that your supplies are up to your standards. There is not much time for changes, but some adaptations can be made at this point. Enjoy doing the heavy looking on, as the party supplies rental is assembled by the team of professionals.


Once your party is over, the party supplies need to be cleaned, taken down, and returned. Check your agreement to find out what your responsibilities are in regards for cleanup. It varies by the size and type of supplies that you have rented. It is important that you be there during pickup. This helps the crew identify any missing equipment, and lets you sign off on the venue agreement.

Outdoor Venues

There are many great outdoor venues to pick from. From parks to large backyards, the options are almost endless. However, outside venues are typically lacking in some things that give comfort to your guests.

Shelter is a big factor in outdoor events. The elements have a way of making the best planned outdoor parties unpleasant. Cold, windy, and rainy are all common forecasts that outdoor events need to deal with. There are party supplies rental pieces that keep this weather from wrecking your party.

Tents are the most popular party rental for outdoor parties. Even for nice weather, a tent provides a location to eat and hang out in. However, in adverse weather, they are a necessity. Give your guests shelter from the weather with appropriate tent setups.  Sizing will depend on the number of guests, and the purpose of the tents. More tents are required when you are planning all guest make use of the tent at the same time. For example, a sit-down meal will require the most space.

In addition to tents, there are other supplies to consider for your party. Patio heaters are a great way to deal with the cool evenings. Keep your guests comfortable by providing warmed spaces. Depending on your venue, you may also need to rent washrooms and sanitation stations. Your planner knows about these details and is there to help you make sure you have everything you need for your outdoor event.