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Quinceanera Rentals

Everything You Need For Your Quinceanera Party

Party Rentals Online offers you the most exclusive, high quality and affordable quinceanera rentals.  From dance floors, tableware, party accessories, table and chair decorations and much more.

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quinceanera-themes-partyQuinceanera Themes

Best Themes for Your Quinceanera Party

Planning a Quinceanera party requires a great theme that will welcome your young girl into womanhood. It should be a theme that does not surprise her by trying to shock her out of childhood like she is taking a one off dive into the deep end. Rather, it should be a welcoming nature of the event that feels like a graduation after triumph at the previous level. Quinceanera table decorations can, for example, be well themed using banners, which may also be embroidered onto the event tents.

With our quinceanera party rentals and sales, we help you set this kind of theme. Engaging our expertise and experience is the best gift for your girl at this stage.

Quality concern is, of course, of essence in all planning; it is important to note that we have the nod of accreditation from the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. We offer the advantage of quality and the ease of getting all your Quinceanera party supplies under one roof.

Quinceanera party rentals

Our party rentals are basically divided into two categories: Basic equipment and decorations for this equipment. Think of it like this: You need chairs for weddings, meetings, and other events, but what would make your chairs look like they were made specifically for the quinceanera? Right, quinceanera decorations!

quinceanera-party-equipment-rentalsBasic quinceanera rentals equipment


Tents are the basic quinceanera party rentals shelter for events held outdoors. Which is basically all quinceanera events. As your girl crosses this important step in her life, she will, of course, have a whole list of witnesses. Some of whom you won’t even consider necessary, but since it is her day, you will need to go a little easy and let her do the quinceanera invitations. We offer varying sizes and shapes depending on the size of invitations and how you would like to set up your event.

If for example you want an all meet and mingle event, you could go for one large tent with a free moving area where everyone has enough access to everyone. You may also decide to have a more restricted type of grouping, where people with more in common are grouped together- family, schoolmates, church and such. For this, you could opt for several smaller tents which could be labeled for easier location and organization of people.


Chairs go hand in hand with tents. This means their consideration as quinceanera rentals will also depend on the number of invitations. The type of chairs to choose will depend on the nature of the surface where they are placed and the type of sitting arrangement preferred. If you are holding the party on a grass lawn, for example, we offer chairs that do not sink into the ground and are easily balanceable on probable uneven surfaces. For concrete lawns, we suggest quinceanera chair rentals be light chairs that do not drag on the surface when moved.

At some point within the party, people are likely to start moving into small groups and may want to move their chairs with them. If you plan an event that will have people drop into a mingle and catch-up session, then we have light all-surface friendly chairs that you could include in your quinceanera list of Quinceanera party supplies.


In an event of pretty much free movement, tables will not appear as absolutely necessary. And they are not. Once served, guests are likely to, for once, drop some dining habits and wander off to enjoy a meal and a chat at the same time. The most important table on the quinceanera party supplies list is the celebrant girl’s podium. If there’s a long communal dinner, the table for this is one of the main quinceanera party rentals too. None of the quinceanera invitees really needs to place their stuff or legs on the table as the party proceeds. Thus, you may say tables are not one of the quinceanera center pieces.


Still, you will need tables at specific areas for the event to be painless. They will not be appreciated as much as you would want them to be, but their absence will be so frowned upon by invitations. When planning for quinceanera party rentals, think of tables as one of the quinceanera favors. As they move around, guests will often need a surface to place their drinks on from time to time. They will also need a place to put the glasses and plates that they are done with. Servers at the party will also need a place to put one of their many deliveries as they go about their service on largely unmatched routes. You save everybody some pain and lighten up the party further when you include tables as one of your quinceanera rentals.

We provide a wide range of table sizes- lengths and heights- to suit every one of these needs at your party. Be it quinceanera center pieces or just backdrop placements, we have the right tables for you. We understand the natural roughness of the outdoors, so we provide you with tables strong enough no one will stop the party by literally crashing.

Photo booths

There may be a host of quinceanera favors, but one that supersedes them all, in the long run, is the frozen memories- the event on film. While there is a certain elegance in randomly taken pictures, pose photos are equally awesome and important. In a photo pose, for example, the birthday girl can pose with all members of a particular category to whom she will look back and point out. In a random photo, catching all these characters together would prove to be almost impossible.

We offer rental photo booths of varied sizes and design, developed over time to suit the modern quinceanera party while at the same time retaining the original touch and intention of the tradition.


While performers are not the actual part of quinceanera party rentals, we do afford you access to the best acts in the industry, especially for those who are organizing the parties for the first time and do not know where to look. The industry is complementary. In our many days of dressing up events with quinceanera rentals, we have acquainted ourselves with some of the best performers you will come across. You could choose to have us bring in performers as part of our Quinceanera party supplies, although this is honestly not our main area.


Music is one of the quinceanera center pieces; you need the best selection to set up the mood. A good DJ could set a lackluster party going; with good planning, he blows it out of the roof.


This is the main act besides the music selector. The Dj will mix music and add effects, but a musician is a special act who will perform personally for your girl in her special transition event. You pick a musician of your choice, and we make the point of bringing them to your quinceanera dance floor rental.


Quinceanera Décor

quinceanera decorations
Décor is one of the quinceanera party rentals that could transform a party from ordinary to outstanding. Decorations are basically of souping up the items on your party supplies list, to customize them specifically for your girl’s event. We work with you to map up your quinceanera party rentals list to ensure your girl receives the best-customized event for this stage. The ‘15’ or ‘16’ sign, depending on your choice of quinceanera, is hugely prominent in all aspects of our décor. We pay attention to every detail to ensure our quinceanera party rentals give you value for every coin.

Tent quinceanera decorations
Tents tell the story from afar. They are what will create the mood for quinceanera invitations as they troop in. While tents generally create a festive mood on sight, we seek to embroider them with laces and paintings so as to communicate the specific feel of the quinceanera party.

Chair quinceanera decorations
Our chair décor varies from size to color to the wrapping and arrangement of chairs. You could, for example, choose one color of party rentals for quinceanera chairs for the family tent, another for schoolmates and a different one for other friends. We work closely together with you and your birthday girl to come up with the best of colors in your quinceanera party rentals list. We also cover the chairs with embroidered cloth if you so wish, with special messages and quinceanera favors attached.

quinceanera table decorations
Where the table was ranking low in the list of essential quinceanera rentals, it compensates with the significance of its contribution in décor. Remember tables are placed at strategic places, which means they are strategic quinceanera decorations destinations. Their large and wide surfaces also open them up to become quinceanera center pieces for decoration.

Quinceanera table decorations are mainly cloth coverings of different colors, which usually have messages to the celebrant and guests embroidered across them. Flowers, ribbons and balloons can easily be attached to these covers, making quinceanera table decorations one of the brightest areas of the best decorative aspect of quinceanera party rentals.

Event Equipment

Light is arguably one of the best mood setters for any event. We offer quinceanera party rentals light options to help, well, light up your girl’s passage into womanhood by setting the best mood for her. The use of light as quinceanera décor is however dependent on two factors:

– The nature of the quinceanera party location (indoor or outdoor)
– The time of day the party is held, whether in daylight or night time

Considering most quinceanera parties climax in the late evening, it is important to factor lights as quinceanera party rentals to be used as night falls. LED party rentals for quinceanera lighting offers a friendly light that does not irritate the eye and is especially suitable for the quinceanera dance floor rental. They are not too bright as to violate the sense of night privacy, neither are they too dim to bring the laziness or darkness of night. We advise you to consider lighting as one of your quinceanera center pieces.

Sale items
Besides offering you quinceanera party rentals for only the period of the party, we have also assembled fairly priced buys that will help you add even more glamor to the little princess’ party. Again, all Quinceanera party supplies under one roof to ensure you do not forget even the tiniest little bit.

Full Quinceanera Service

Planning the Event

We offer:

Cake toppers
Just the right icing for the bond symbol of the event, our cake toppers give the ultimate symbolism. We have a wide range of designs to choose from, but you could always furnish us with tour preferred custom design.

Eating and drinking sets specifically for your little girl’s special occasion. You could have them customized with names and special messages.

Dry wheat stems
One of the seemingly weird but yet significant quinceanera favors, our wheat stems are specially treated so they are unlike any other.

There’s a variety of charms to pick from to gift the adulating girl. They need to be a little mature than her previous pendants, yet something she can connect with. You can choose from a range of guitars, crowns, slippers, horse shoes, angels and many others.

Vases are great quinceanera party favors, and we have them in the best unique designs that will have the girl of the moment awing days after you’ve left.

Artificial flowers
Of course, something has to go into the vases. What better than artificial flowers for the girl-turning-woman who might no longer have so much time to run outside and pick natural flowers anymore?

To complete the whole feeling of nature, butterflies on the flowers in the vases are a perfect idea. Of course, you don’t have to be combining all these favors on your own, but she will think you are wise if you bring a gift that complements her other gifts.

‘15’ signs
This could be 16, depending on the specific culture under which you are celebrating. It is a simple gift, but its significance is unmeasured. There is a catch though: since you won’t be the only one bringing the ‘15’ sign, you have to be unique. And that is where we come in to help. Our designs are pretty much unmatched, and you could even design yours and have it custom made.

Hats could be given as gifts, or you could get your own to wear to the quinceanera party. Either way, we have got unbeatable picks.

Last dolls
Last dolls are a significant gift for the quinceanera. Picking these, however, requires you to be well versed with the culture under which the party is being held, and the specific party. In some instances, the doll is for the grown girl to keep; in others, she gives it away to a younger girl. The two instances require different types of toys. If she’s ‘giving away her childhood’ as she steps into grown up life, then you need a kid doll. If she is moving on with the doll, then it needs to have a sense of maturity. Whatever your pick, we’ve got you covered!

Quinceanera invitations
You may rightly guess that the birthday girl wants her one big birthday to be special right from the onset. She wants to have her guests invited in a special way. We stock uniquely designed, fairly priced invitation cards that will help you satisfy this need of hers without seeming extravagant.

Customized Bibles
The quinceanera has maintained its religious sense in many cultures despite the constant surge of liberal aspects in most areas of life. The Bible is among common quinceanera favors, and the one received on this day is likely to remain a long time in the girl’s life. We can’t customize the message, but we have beautiful custom covers for your little one as she takes a final leap to adulthood.

Other little accessories include Rhinestones, Pearl trim rolls and Laces. They may be used as quinceanera table decorations, attached to balloons on the quinceanera dance floor rental or even on individual guests’ dresses.

What makes our quinceanera party rentals stand out?

Quality delivery has been our key selling point throughout our stay in the party rentals for quinceanera industry. The experience we have packed over time has helped us file some of the little rough edges that would have been as a result of being novices. Now, we stand head and shoulder above others, boasting near-perfect service.

For all the quality work we do, any of our clients will tell you we never were interested in the price ceiling. We pride in being among the most fairly priced party rentals for quinceanera players in the industry.

Deep understanding
Wide research has put us ahead because we fully understand the quinceanera tradition across all cultures, and developed our quinceanera rentals accordingly.

Attention to detail
The understanding of quinceanera coupled with the routine execution of the same only means we are fully baked; we know every nook and cranny of organization and offer all quinceanera rentals you need.

Even with our deep understanding and appreciation, we have grown with times. We know the 2017 quinceanera cannot mirror that of 1900. Still, we manage to fuse the two, such that none loses its authenticity. Our quinceanera dance floor rental will bring memories to the oldies and still charm the millennials. Our quinceanera rentals create an atmosphere that charms both granny and quince.