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Birthday Party Rentals San Diego

So, you’re having a birthday party in San Diego! And you’ve figured out that many parties require a lot of things like napkins, chairs, tables, food, plates and glasses to start with.

Birthday Parties

There are two ways to get said things: either you buy them or you rent them. Another option that you can go for is borrow them from a trustworthy friend. Now you are thinking what are the things that should be bought and what others should be rented for a birthday party.

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Birthday Party Equipment

birthday party rentals san diegoMake your birthday fun

Most people have only ever rented apartments and cars before their big birthday parties. But the truth is, lots and lots of birthday parties involve at least one rental order. (I’m actually having a hard time thinking of a single birthday party I’ve done that didn’t have rented items.) One of the important factors to consider while planning a birthday party is the food. Irrespective of whether you arrange for it yourselves or give the contract to the caterers, birthday party rentals in San Diego.

So let’s say that you’re one of the aforementioned parties who will have to rent something for your birthday bash. Most of the birthday parties we execute involve at least the following: napkins, chairs, plates, tables and tablecloths or drapes (optional), fork, knives and glasses. Some even opt for cocktail tables, patio heaters, beverage dispensers, lighting, lounge furniture and the list can go on and on.

San Diego Rentals

If you’re in San Diego, there are lots of rental companies available to you, and some differences do exist between them. You will be surprised to know that the major difference between them for most things isn’t price, but the quality of their items. Most of the rental companies I have worked with have extremely similar prices on the majority of birthday party rental items, San Diego. But I learn from experience that some of them often tend to send linens that are too short, or stained, or just generally not as high quality as those of other San Diego based companies. If you don’t have a professional to ask, it may be worth going by and looking into some showrooms to see the quality of their items with your own eyes.

Other key differences between rental companies are minimum order amount;  delivery windows and charges; if dishes/silverware/glasses need to be returned rinsed, scraped or washed (all of which obviously involve different amounts of labor); and their willingness to work with you without having you setting up a professional account. If you are managing the birthday party rentals in San Diego by yourself then it is perhaps a good idea to look around and get a grip on things.

If you are thinking whether these things can be bought for the same amount then the answer is yes. One of my oldest childhood friend’s (who also happens to be my best friend) twenty third birthday party was in October, and she insisted on having people drink beer out of real glasses (…personal quirkiness), so three days beforehand we bought all the glasses at a thrift store for about 50¢ each. They didn’t match but who cared? It’s a fun birthday party! We had one per person, so we had people write their names on the glasses with colorful marker pens. The party was in the industrial loft and the whole thing was great. You can also get this with the help of a birthday party rental in San Diego but they usually have a minimum order placement.

You can certainly do the same for your birthday as well, if you’re okay with having some fun (and muscle pain later) searching through thrift stores and have the space to store the glasses. Because, let’s face it, storage is one of the dirty secrets of any party—there’s a humongous amount of stuff, and if it’s not living in a birthday party rental, San Diego warehouse it has to stay in yours. If you do not have a garage/spare room or basement to store stuff, it is another reason why you should rent. Something else to keep in mind when looking into buying vs. renting is the washing and cleaning of stuff. Rental dishes come up washed, and rental linens come up ironed. There are also provisions by some birthday party rentals, San Diego where you can return the stuffs unwashed. Compare this to buying the stuffs and then washing up 200 dishes on your own. Even with a dishwasher, it requires a great effort.

Some other general things to note about birthday party rentals San Diego:

  • Have you ever wondered why most parties feature floor length tablecloths? Usually standard rental tables are gross, even when they’re not old and beat up. If you don’t cover it up, you may scare your guests away instead of welcoming them.
  • Although cotton and polyester cost the same, cotton feels way nicer so my request would be that you go for cotton ones and in case you are taking caterers, ask them for it too.
  • If you don’t have someone in the rental washing racks and racks of glassware throughout the event, then you’re going to need to either order a hell of a lot of glasses (at least three per guest), or come up with a system where people will only use one glass. (my advice would be to attach a name tag and a clear sign at the counter to indicate that they should hold on to their glasses and re use them)
  • Always order 10 more of everything than what you have counted and don’t forget the vendors of the rental party, they also need to be fed.
  • If you’re serving cake, don’t forget to offer an extra set of plate and fork for it.
  • In case you are not sure about the number of guests that would appear, then put in an initial order for an amount higher than what you are estimating. Most birthday party rentals in San Diego do not charge any penalty up to 3 days before delivery. So if you need to reduce 20 plates, it will be fine. But if you need to add 20, there is a high possibility that your demands won’t be met.
  • Try putting all your rentals items in one order because then you will give only one delivery and pick up fee. In case you want to rent specialty items, talk to your rental company beforehand. Most of the San Diego rentals do not own these stuffs and have to rent them from outside.

Rentals for birthday parties are actually very helpful and hassle free. Other than the regular table cloths, folding chairs, glassware or racks, you can also try renting food utensils that you wouldn’t need for the rest of the year and which you would have to store in case you choose to buy.

Outdoor birthday parties in San Diego are bound to leave you with an array of possibilities. Your preppy guests won’t be locked up indoors, so they’ll have a chance to enjoy the unbounded feeling of enjoyment. A great idea for outdoor parties is to rent a tent!

A party tent can come in handy in many ways:

You Can Avoid Weather Problems

Outdoor parties have their perks but there are cons as well- the biggest being, adverse weather conditions. But you can easily avoid that with the use of tents. It is like having the benefits of indoors and outdoors together. You get the fresh air but with the comfort and warmth of indoors.

Establish a quirky Atmosphere

You can opt for any quirky theme inside your tent. You can choose any venue and any theme and even make your own props with outdoor stuff like branches of trees and decorative leaves perhaps. You can also ask you rental Company to help you with it. In my opinion if you are looking for anything right from elegant to preppy to quirky, you can do it all in a tent outside. You can’t move a hall or basement around, can you? But you can move a tent around- beside a lake, to a flowery meadow or your backyard.

Work Less

As the host of any kind of event, it’s your job to make sure that everything is in place for the party. Rental companies will help you with some of that responsibility and when you hire them for a tent rental service, they will arrive on location to set up the structure, and they will be ready to take it down afterwards as well. You won’t have to worry about anyone performing any physical labor before, during, or after your event in San Diego.

Their tent rental services can be part of any kind party services you need from them, and their professionals are always ready to help you create the perfect birthday party. They will work with you directly, and do whatever it takes to make your party perfect.

No matter how casual the birthday party is, it can start to become very stressful if not done properly.  Rental professionals can help you plan an event in San Diego of any size, and they will have all of the rentals that you’ll need available. And here is a simple checklist to make your party plans run smoother.

Three Weeks Before

This is your initial party planning time, when you need to get the basic stuff get straightened out

  • Make the invitation list.
  • Decide on a theme (if you’d want one).
  • Send out invitations, by mail, phone or e mail.
  • Plan on the menu. Get the recipes together and try to choose foods that can be prepared in advance. Make a list of how far in advance each one has to be made and pre order things from bakeries and boutiques if you need to.
  • If you need help, this is the best time to line them up. Ask your friends, relatives or neighbors for that extra help in advance. In case you are hiring rental service, this is a good time to make a decision about them too.

Two Weeks Before the party

  • Start cleaning your crystals, china’s, and silverware that you might be using. Start washing your linens as well
  • Do the first round of your grocery shopping and cooking.

One Week Before party

  • Clean that house if you plan to call everyone there.
  • Make sure you check all the dishes and cooking ware you have. In case you need to rent them, start doing it now before it gets too late.
  • Get the liquor. Food and drinks is what will make your party memorable. Make sure you invest well on them

Three Days Before

  • Notify the guests
  • Decorate the venue
  • Finish grocery shopping and cooking.

One Day Before

  • Ask your rental company to make the food arrangements like set up tables and buffet places
  • Finish as much of the cooking as can be done
  • Give your house a quick once-over and tidy up anything you can. In case you need an expert view, ask your rental professionals.

Day of the Party

  • One or two hours before the party starts, set out appetizers and snacks that won’t get spoiled.

Birthday rentals are the in-thing right now. It will not only save you time but a lot of extra work as well. The choice is very practical because there is no meaning to hoarding up things all year just for that one day. Feel free to use birthday party rentals in San Diego.