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Inflatable Water Slide Rentals San Diego

Slip and Slide Rentals San Diego: When it comes to finding the tallest Water Slide rental in San Diego, there is not other water slide provider that even comes close.  Our waterslidescome with a sky-high 40′, 50′, 60-foot drop! 

No other water slide rental provider has our top level, premium quality inflatable water slide in San Diego, nor is better equipped and prepared to help you get exactly the slide that best meets your needs.

Inflatable Water Slide Rentals San Diego: Whether you’re only going for a water slide or you intend to splurge on an inflatable slip n slide, we can help you streamline your needs and make suggestions to fill the space you’ve picked with the right size of our premium water slides.

inflatable water slide rentals san diego

Water Slide Rental Guide

There is an activity that breaks park and backyard attendance records during summer, and it’s not the super bowl, it actually has to do with vinyl made slides that can be as tall as a two-story house.

Inflatable Water Slide San Diego

Water slides are awesome party features and your child won’t be the first to think his parents walk on water when school pals agree, “We wish our moms and dads would do this for our birthdays!” That’s how water slide rentals San Diego Ca came to be one of the hottest entertainment resources of all.


Fun & Exciting

Inflatable water slides are not like your typical bounce house, these use water for it’s slip and slide and can be over 40 feet tall – our water slides on the other hand, are the biggest and tallest reaching up to 60 feet high with a 50-foot drop!  Our water slide bouncers are so massive, that they are often featured in San Diego conventions, street fairs and even on churches and school events.

When it comes to making the best of your special event, birthday party, carnival or street fair, our water slide jumpers will not only impress your guests, they will have an unforgettable, fun and super exciting day!

inflatable water slides for rent san diego

How They Are Made

Whether you love knowing how things are made or your curiosity extends only to concerns about the safety of the products your child uses, rest assured water slide fabricators are always on top of the latest iteration of materials that improve upon the integrity of inflatables.

Water slides are made from either super-strong PVC or a mix of vinyl and nylon and they’re seamed together using an amalgam of agents that are heated to create seamless bonds that stand up to powerful infusions of air pumped into structures by electric or gas-powered energy sources.

water slide rentals

Inflatable Water Slide Rentals San Diego

  • Inflatable Water slide rentals San Diego-style is the ultimate cool attraction for kids eager to work off excess energy, stay active and have fun.
  • You never have to worry that you’ve arranged enough entertainment to keep little guests occupied because a water slide promises hours of entertainment; in fact, kids often have to be pulled away when the party ends!
  • Parents can get caught up with friends and neighbors while children frolic on the water slide and there’s a good chance they will be so engaged, you won’t hear a single, “Mom, I’m bored.”
  • Turn your attention to the other details of your celebration because the set-up and take-down crew associated with your water slide rentals San Diego will make certain the slide is properly positioned, inflated and tethered for safety.
  • Think of the time you will save coming up with other games and activities; water slides are entertainment enough for the duration of your party (and you don’t have to buy prizes!).
  • Guests—and the guest of honor—won’t need lullabies to get to sleep, even after the most exciting party of all, because they get plenty of sunshine and healthy outdoor exercise thanks to your decision to choose water slide rentals San Diego.

Premium Quality Water Slides

Book a meeting with us as far in advance as possible so you don’t run into packed calendars at certain times of the year. It’s not unusual for blow-up rentals needed for July 4th to fill a year in advance, so as soon as you know your party date, give us a call. We’re in the business of making your party planning job as easy as possible so you can focus on your guests, not worry about the details surrounding set up, tear down and maintenance. Further, if you make us your one-stop-party central, we can suggest a party package that includes the extras you desire and you may be surprised to learn how cheap water slide rentals San Diego can be.

Inflatable Water Slide Rentals San Diego

Living in San Diego is obviously a big plus because there’s a good chance the weather will accommodate a fun day on your lawn, at a local park or outside a recreation facility–anywhere you like that’s available for rental on the big day, because every place is a good place for water slide jumper rentals in San Diego. But before you pick out a venue and begin making arrangements, we’d like to share with you some of the advantages (besides bragging rights!) and information about San Diego water slide rentals, so your big celebration is the best it can be.


Large Assortment

As your hometown water slide and inflatable resource, we have answers to every question you pose, from insurance coverage and inflatable safety to setup, teardown and maintenance. We offer recommendations for adult supervision borne of years of successful operation in San Diego and our professional affiliations attest to our interest in staying abreast of industry changes. We take pride in our staff; each member of our family is invested in making sure your party is wildly successful. And the products we buy meet exacting industry standards.

Water Slides For Rent San Diego

Further, you won’t find our prices outrageous because we are the masters of cheap water slide rentals San Diego. We are happy to provide you with proof of insurance as well as references from satisfied clients who have used our company to provide all of the fun and entertainment a parent could want, and since you won’t have to tap your child’s college fund to make the day a success, you might want to do a happy dance, too. So, if you’re convinced that water slide rentals in San Diego Ca are the only way to fly in terms of an unforgettable focal point, set the date, contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you make memories that last a lifetime!




water slide rentals

Safety Guidelines

The birthday girl’s pose is dizzy with excitement after getting an invite to the water slide party you’re throwing. Expect phone calls from moms and dads of invitees who may need extra reassurance that you’ve applied due diligence to safety precautions when you’re ready to make a decision about water slide rentals in San Diego Ca. Inflatable Water slides tend to make kids go a little bit crazy with excitement–it’s a signature part of childhood, right?–so follow these 6 tips and you’re well on the way to holding the best party of the year:

  1. Spell out how you wish guests to dress in the invitation or inform parents of your dress rules when they RSVP.
  2. Stipulate comfortable aquatic attire that’s free of embellishments/zippers that can get snagged on plastic.
  3. Check little ones as they line up to make sure accessories that can poke into the inflatable have been removed.
  4. Conduct a shoe removal ceremony once the crowd has been assembled for obvious reasons.
  5. Your usual pronouncements about rowdy behavior are important since kids get excited on the slide.
  6. Monitor weather forecasts leading up to the party to make sure no untoward storms are on the horizon to ruin your ingenious water slide rentals San Diego celebration.

After checking out inflatable water slide jumper rentals in San Diego, enlist adult helpers

Even if you’re the couple everyone calls role models because you’re supremely great at organizing and pulling off social activities, a gathering of youngsters about to slip and slide down amid giggles and screams, requires lots of adult eyes on the slippery worms. Enlist relatives to help usher kids on and off the slide and keep tabs on them during the ride.  When it comes to Inflatable Water Slide Rentas San Diego, we have premium grade, 27 feet high water slides unmatched by any other provider.

Teens make the best helpers of all. If you pay them for being your eyes and ears, their dedication may surprise you. Does it help to have a sign made that lists all of your rules for inflatable slide etiquette? Yes, and no. If the kids can read, it’s extra reinforcement, if they can’t, save your money and order a bigger cake. What should your monitors look out for when they take their posts at the slide? These are common scenarios to watch for:

  •  Two children decide they’re going to slide down together after you stipulated “one at a time,”
  •  Pair adults with adults and kids with kids if they slide together to avoid imbalances,
  •  You’re bound to have at least one rule-breaker who reaches the summit with food or drink in hand,
  •  Make certain nobody rides your water slide rentals San Diego if there are no adults around,
  •  In all of the excitement, at least one kid will forget he’s wearing his prescription eye glasses!
  •  Keep an eye out for pile-ons; kids who decide it would be great fun to pounce on the child about to go down,
  •  You wouldn’t be the first host to watch, with horror, as the family dog jumps in with his claws drawn,
  •  The neighborhood clown who thinks it would be great fun to slide down head first despite adult warnings, and
  •  If the weather suddenly turns bad, have a back-up plan in place and prepare your helpers for that possibility.

At our inflatable water slide rentals San Diego headquarters, we work diligently to get everything right because if your party isn’t perfect, not only is your reputation on the line, but we have a reputation to uphold, too.