Jumper Rentals in San Marcos CA

Park Approved. Sanitized. Fully Insured.

We are the one jumper rental provider in San Marcos that offers you a collection of high-quality, sanitized, park approved and fully insured jumpers.  Our jumpers come in regular jumpers, combos, water slides, obstacle course, modules, toddlers, and interactive.

Jumper Rentals San Marcos: Party Rentals Online offers premium-grade jumpers that are almost twice the size the jumpers  offered by our competitors.  Even our smallest jumpers are 2x bigger, higher quality – packed with unparalleled sanitation, maintenance and customer support.

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jumper rentals in san marcos ca

Bounce House San Diego California

Jumper Rentals in San Marcos CA

Planning a party or event is quite a bit of work. It requires you to plan for months and then hope that you have everything in place. However, if you don’t think about entertainment, you may find that your party falls flat. One of the best sources of entertainment – for kids of all ages – is a bounce house. We offer quality jumper rentals in San Marcos, as well as other party supplies, to help ensure you get the source of entertainment you want and need, regardless of if you are hosting a fair, carnival, birthday party, or even a corporate event.

Finding Quality Jumper Rentals in San Marcos – Tips to Help You along the Way

Are you looking for a quality supplier of jumpers for rent in San Marcos? Do you need tables, chairs, linens, concession equipment, or something else? If so, then finding quality suppliers is a must. However, not all bounce houses are created equal, which means it is essential that you take some time to find a quality supplier of jumper rentals in San Marcos. The fact is, our company stands out in a number of ways.

Some of the reasons you should choose us, over other jumper supply companies in the area include:

  • Our top priority is your safety
  • We offer all types of party supplies that you may need for your party or event
  • We offer affordable prices
  • We have flexible terms
  • We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction

You can learn more about how bounce houses are made, or follow our comprehensive bounce house rental guideIf you are considering using a local park for your party or event, please obtain a park permit at the San Marcos City Website

combo-bounce-house-rentals-san-diegoCombo Bouncer Rentals:

Types of Bouncers We Offer

When you begin searching for jumper rentals in San Marcos, one of your top concerns is likely going to be the selection we offer. After all, a princess themed bouncer is not right for every event or party! We get it, which is why we offer a huge selection for you to choose from. Some of the designs you will find when you begin looking into our cheap jumper rentals in San Marcos include:

  • Toddler jumpers
  • Adult bounce houses
  • Obstacle courses
  • Water slides
  • Combo bouncers/slides
  • Halloween jumper rentals in San Marcos (as well as other holiday options)
  • Disney themed bouncers
  • Super hero bouncers

The list really does go on and on. This is because we want to ensure we are able to meet your needs, regardless of what they may be.

Our Combo combinations:

  • 2 in 1 combos – These Come with the jumper and a slide
  • 3 in 1 combos – These Come with the jumper, a slide, and a basketball hoop
  • 4 in 1 combos – These come with the jumper, a slide, a basketball hoop & obstacles
  • 5 in 1 combos – These come with jumper, a slide, a basketball hoop inside & outside as well as interior obstacles.

inflatable water slides for rent san diegoWater Slide Rentals

Additional Party Supplies to Make Your Event a Success

Our team also understands that your party can’t run on water slides alone. While we offer some of the best jumper rentals in San Marcos, we offer a number of other jumpers to ensure your event is a success, as well. Some of these items include the following:

  • Water slides
  • Dry Slides
  • Regular Jumpers with Slides
  • Combo Jumpers and many others

Water Slides Jumper For Rent in San Marcos

Each of our party supply items, as well as our jumper rentals in San Marcos, CA, provide you with the top quality items that you want and need. Also, since safety is our top priority you can feel confident that you will enjoy your event and that your guests will have everything you could need or want in regard to entertainment.

Plan Your Birthday Party with Quality Jumper Rentals in San Marcos

Do you have a child who is turning six and would love bouncer rentals in San Marcos, CA? Do you love the fair and think carousel jumper rentals in San Marcos are just what you need to make your party a success? If so, then you are in the right place. Our bounce houses, jumpers, moonwalks and more are all designed with high-quality materials to help ensure that you can enjoy the entire day – regardless of the type of party you have planned.

obstacle-course-jumper-rental-san-diegoObstacle Course Jumpers

Fairs, Festivals and Carnivals – Why Our Jumper Rentals in San Marcos Fit Right In

In addition to birthday parties, our jumper rentals in San Marcos are also ideal for carnivals, festivals, and fairs. We offer a wide array of industrial grade items that will more than exceed your expectations. While you can use these items for a small rental fee, you can also charge a small fee for the attendees to your event to pay, which will more than cover the rental cost you pay. This means you will be able to easily compensate the amount of money that you paid to rent the items.

You can even use our concession equipment, such as our hot dog steamer rental, cotton candy or popcorn machine, or any other item, to make a bit of money for your organization. This means that you will be able to easily recoup the rental fee, and then some, which can go toward your cause or an event you have planned in the future. This is definitely a win-win situation.

Safety Features of Our Quality Bounce Houses

When you choose us as your bounce house supplier, you will quickly discover that our jumper rentals in East San Marcos have a number of built-in safety features that ensure your guests not only have a great time, but they also remain safe all while having fun. Some of these quality safety features that our jumper rentals in San Marcos offer include the following:

  • 360 degree mesh viewing walls
  • Inflatable entry and exit step
  • Tie downs to ensure the bouncer stays in place
  • Weight limitations clearly posted

toddler and junior bounce housesBounce Houses San Diego: Toddlers

With all these safety features offered by our party jumper rentals in San Marcos, you will find that regardless of who is going to be jumping, they will not get hurt while inside the bounce house for toddlers.

Price Considerations that Make Our Party Supply Company the Absolute Best

When you begin searching for moonbounce rentals in San Marcos, you are going to quickly discover there are more than a few options out there. Regardless of if you want a bounce house, concession equipment, tables, chairs, linens or some other party essential – we have you covered. Not only do we offer a wide array of options and products, we also provide you with great prices. What does this mean? You can get everything you need, without blowing your entire party rental budget. This gives you fuds left to purchase other essentials that will make your party or event great.

Some important information about our rental prices include:

  • All rental prices are for a single day (unless otherwise noted)
  • We offer the ability to rent the items for more than one day, for an additional fee, if needed
  • All delivery and setup charges are included in the rental price
  • We provide flexible payment terms to ensure you can get exactly what you need for your party or event

combo bounce houseBounce House Rental San Diego: Prices

When it comes to renting the party supplies, bounce houses, tents, tables, or something else that you need, you may think the process is difficult and confusing. We make it easy. In fact, our process can be completed entirely online if you desire; however, we also have an entire team of customer service agents standing by to help you out over the phone.

Our jumper prices are as follows:

  • $135 For all of our regular jumpers (without slides)
  • $165 – $299 for our Combo Jumpers
  • $135 – $165 for our Modules (with interchangeable banners)
  • $235 – $900 For our huge water slides
  • $235 – $500 for our Dry Slides
  • $250 – $350 for our toddler jumpers
  • $300 – $600 for our large obstacle course jumpers

If you are confused or have a question, you can contact us to learn about the products and prices we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Party Supplies, Equipment, and Jumper Rentals in San Marcos

When you are ready to rent party supplies or bouncers, chances are you have a few questions about the process. This is only natural and something we are happy to help you out with. Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our party supplies and equipment rentals to help you make a better informed decision about what you need and want.




San Diego Party Jumpers

But jumpy rental in San Diego is not so straightforward. Sometimes, even the same bounce house might come at a different cost depending on the situation. Different factors determine the overall cost of the rental apart from the type. For instance, the number of guests that will use the bounce house is a huge factor. Bounce House San Diego: For many companies offering bounce house rentals in San Diego,  the user categorizations normally starts from 25 and below, to between 25 and 50, 50-100, 100-150 and so on. The larger the number of people, the bigger and stronger the bounce house will have to be. A bigger bounce house will definitely be more expensive.

The type of event the bounce house will be used in is also an important factor. Events are either categorized as indoor or outdoor by many companies that offer bounce house rentals in San Diego. Indoor events include birthdays, office events and some school functions. At bounce house san diego we know that outdoor events are where the bounce houses are most on demand. They include fairs, birthday parties, festivals and special events. Naturally, the type of event and whether it is outdoors or indoors will determine the potential for traffic, and the type of bounce house that will be appropriate.

Bounce House San Diego

Inflatable Jumpers San Diego: The age group that will use the bounce house is also a huge factor. Age determines maturity, and therefore the levels of safety precautions that must be taken when they are using the bounce house. Normally, younger users require greater care in terms of the safety precautions that must be fitted onto the bounce houses. For instance, for a bounce house to have a toddler section there must be restrictive spaces that older children cannot fit through. On the flip side, as they get older, play patterns become tougher on the material, meaning the bounce houses have to be tougher. A water slide for over 18s for instance, will likely require heavier material than one for users below ten, for instance. They must also be heavier so that they do not tip over because of the extra activity or heavier users.

concessions-rentals-san-diegoParty Concession Rentals

At Party Rentals Online we have amazing quality concessions available for rent in all of San Marcos CA. Choose from our Hot Dog & Bun Steamer Machine, Our Lightweight and easy to handle Snow Cone Maker Machine, Our supremely sanitized Popcorn Maker Machine, and our unique, lightweight and super easy to use Cotton Candy Maker Machine.

If any of our concessions malfunction, give us a call and we will immediately replace the unit at not additional cost to you.

High Quality & Sanitized Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine – Our popcorn machine the best commercial grade unit available in all of San Diego. It comes with with 6 mega pop bags which are good for up to 50 servings.  You are welcome to add more servings.

Snow Cone Maker Machine

Snow Cone Rental– Our Snow Cone Machine comes with 50 snow cones and you can choose between two snow cone flavors.  It is light and sturdy ready for heavy use whether you need it for a small party or for a multitude of guests, you can rely on your snow cone machine to remain as reliable.




Hot Dog Cooker & Bun Steamer Machine

Hot Dog and Bun Steamer Machine – This is the best Hot Dog and Bun Steamer in the market.  It comes equipped with two sections, one to cook your hot dogs, and another to steam heat your buns.  Its so easy to setup up that you will have your guests delight with your hot dog unlike any other occasion.

Cotton Candy Maker Machine

Cotton Candy Machine – Our cotton candy machine comes preset to the ideal controls so that you can plug and use it.  Choose from our two flavor floss sugar for your initial 50 servings.

Jumper Rentals in San Marcos: FAQs

What quality of bounce houses do you offer?

Our bounce houses are made of top quality materials. This means you don’t have to worry about any issues while you have them in your possession. We take an extreme amount of care to help ensure that you are able to enjoy your rental without having to worry about any issues arising.

What safety inspections do you provide?

Prior to delivering any bounce house, piece of concession equipment, tables, chairs, or linens, we provide a complete and thorough inspection of the item. This helps ensure it is in good, working order and that there are no issues present. We will look at the tablecloths and other linens to ensure there are no stains present and even ensure bounce houses are secure and ready to go. This provides you with peace of mind that the item we have delivered will exceed your expectations.

How much does delivery and setup cost?

One of the major factors that sets our party equipment supply company apart from all the rest in the area is the fact that we offer delivery and setup as part of our initial rental fee. This means that you are not charged an additional fee to have the item delivered to your event location or to have it setup by our professional staff. We also offer pickup of the item or items you have rented without an additional fee. This minimizes the time and cost of our services.

How long is the rental for and are extensions possible?

When you rent a bounce house or other party supply or equipment from us, we provide the item for a day. However, we do offer the ability for you to extend this period. You can rent the item or items overnight to ensure your enjoyment is not interrupted, or even for several days. This ensures that you can enjoy the item for the entirety of your event, even if it lasts for a week or more. Keep in mind, each additional day that you rent the item will incur an additional fee.

When do you have to pay for your party supply or bounce house rental?

We expect full payment for the item or items you want to rent before the date they are scheduled to be delivered. While you can make partial payments for your rental items, the full price is expected to be provided before the item is delivered.

Can you cancel or adjust your order?

Yes, of course. Adjustments are no problem, you just need to let us know what type of change you need. However, all adjustments and cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before your items is scheduled for delivery. Failure to do this will result in you having to pay the entire cost for the rental, even if you don’t need it.

San Diego Jumpers

Why we are the Best Company for Your Rental Needs

We understand that there are more than a few options when it comes to jumper rental and party supply rental companies in the San Marcos area. We are excited that you have chosen us for all of your party supply and bounce house needs. If you want to learn more, you can simply visit our online ordering page, or you can contact us at any time.

We are standing by to help ensure you get the rental items you want and need regardless of the type of party or event that you have planned. We are here to help you. If you are ready for a stress-free affordable rental process, then all you need to do is contact us today. We are ready to make sure that you have a great time and that your event is one your guests will never forget.


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