10×10 canopy tent rental san diego
10×10-canopy-tent-rental-dimensionsparty-rentals-online-jumper-guarantee10×10 canopy tent rental san diego

10×10 Canopy Tent

Over 100 Available for rental. Our 10’×10′ popup canopy tent can accommodate between 8-10 people and up to two round or rectangular tables and is most ideal for the following:

  • a 1 48 inch round table and
  • a 1 kids round table or
  • a 1 60 inch round table or
  • a 1 6 feet rectangular table

Canopy Tent Rental San Diego: We have over 100 10ft x 10ft premium grade, commercial canopies.  These are made in the USA.

Park Tent/Canopy Use Guidelines

Please read the City of San Diego Tent/Canopy Guidelines for more information regarding the installation and use of tents/canopies in public parks.

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Product Description

10×10 Canopy Tent Rental: Over 100 Available

If you are hosting a party be it a family picnic, street fair, carnival, or a corporate bash, you would want to have a tent that can serve you well. The 10×10 Party Canopy Tent is intended for small groups. It may also be a supplement to the large tents we offer.

Are you looking for a good tent to shelter your guests during a party or an event? Our 10×10 Popup Canopy tent has a combination of increased frame strength and durability because it is made of aluminum and steel. It is the perfect popup canopy tent for occasions such as birthday parties, park gatherings, school events, carnival booths and street fairs. This makes our 10×10 Party Canopy Tent an ideal combination for business and recreational uses.

Why Choose Our 10×10 Canopy Tent

Canopy Tent Rental San Diego: We have over 300 of 10×10 canopy tents ready for rental with the availability of local pickup. At party rentals we take you the customer in mind. We deliver tents that are of high quality. We are also reliable and we can comfortably supply our equipment despite the ever growing demand. Canopy Rental San Diego: Our tents are not only easy to use but they are also sturdy and are of premium-grade. During set up and at time of the event, we ensure safety of the guests. We will set up the tents and also pick them up after you are done with the party.


Price is essentially relevant when it comes to party equipment rentals.  However, at Party Rentals we offer quality 10×10 Party Canopy Tents at very affordable prices. You can rent our 10×10 Party Canopy Tent for only $70 a day. However, if you need to hire our tents for more than a day, we do charge additional fee but we have flexible rental terms for the entire period that you will need to hire the equipment.

canopy tent rental san diego deliveryCanopy Tent Rental: Delivery& Pickups

Our services extend to delivery and local pick up at absolutely no extra charge (restrictions apply for this 10×10 canopy – please call) since the cost is covered in the overall rental amount.  Our staff is also made up of professionals who will deliver the tents and mount them for you on time to ensure that your party runs smoothly and on schedule.

San Diego Canopy Rentals: Our 10×10 Party Canopy Tent is the ideal tent to use at your party or event!


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