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20×30 Party Tent

Over 50 of these available.

Our 20×30 Party Tent is a great choice for dinners, galas, birthday parties and family get together. Some of its features include:

  • 10 ft high on center (peak)
  • 7 ft poles
  • Ability to fit 60 chairs
  • 4-60 inch round tables
  • Can accommodate 8ft banquet tables
  • Comes with block out white vinyl fabric 16oz
  • Free Delivery & Installation

Park Tent/Canopy Use Guidelines

Please read the City of San Diego Tent/Canopy Guidelines for more information regarding the installation and use of tents/canopies in public parks.

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Product Description

20×30 Party Tent Rental

20×30 Party Tent

In need of a tent for your function, event or birthday party? Party Rentals offers a variety of high quality tents and canopies ideal for different settings that can be able to accommodate varying numbers of guests. Depending on the number of guest you expect to have in your party, you can get the right party tent that will serve the purpose. Whether it is a street fair, family picnic, birthday party or carnival, you can stage it using our quality party tents.

About our tents

Our tents are made of high quality materials that will ensure your function runs smoothly without hitches and offer your guests the comfort that they need. We also offer free delivery and pick up services to our clients in a timely manner.

We have different tents and canopies with different features that our clients can choose from, some of which include the 20×30 Party Tent.

What’s More

This tent is easy to assembly and all the joints have steel fittings. It can sit a relatively larger number of people and is ideal for both business and recreational events. The frame tent can be set up over any flat surface; this may include grass, pavement and concrete. It doesn’t require a lot of additional area for installation as it is not staked. You can even pitch it on the backyard of your home.

The space under the tent is also open allowing you to fit either round or banquet tables. You can have different seat and table arrangements depending on your plan, number of guests, or preferences.

Our Service

We deliver the tents to you event’s venue. Our staffs are ready to help you plan for the venue setup including the tents and chairs. We know it is pretty difficult to put things in order during the time you are just about to host a party. We take care of the hassles of having to ferry the tents to your location. We set them up for you. This way, you can concentrate on other important issues of the party. We just want to make sure that you are comfortable and your guests are happy.

 Pricing: The cost of the 20×30 Party Tent

We provide an all day rental service for our clients with a free delivery and pickup feature at a cost $260 daily. Our rental terms are flexible, so if you are going to host a party for a day or a couple of days, we can tailor that to ensure that you get best out of it. You can order this tent individually, or you may want to order it with other equipment as we have lots of party rental equipment in stock for you.

party rentals delivery detailsDelivery & Pickups

Our services extend to delivery and local pick up at absolutely no extra charge since the cost is covered in the overall rental amount.  Our staff is also made up of professionals who will deliver the tents and mount them for you on time to ensure that your party runs smoothly and on schedule.



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