20×40 Party Tent

The 20×40 Party Tent is designed for large groups. The tent may also be ideal for larger formal occasions such as company dinners, corporate events, engagement parties and festivals.

Features of the 20×40 Party Tent

  • 10 ft high on center (peak)
  • 7 ft poles
  • Ability to fit 10 banquet tables each measuring 8ft
  • This gives a sitting capacity of 80 people
  • 5 inch round tables sitting 8 people
  • Able to sit 64 guests using this configuration
  • Free Delivery & Installation

Park Tent/Canopy Use Guidelines

Please read the City of San Diego Tent/Canopy Guidelines for more information regarding the installation and use of tents/canopies in public parks.

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Product Description

20×40 Party Tent Rental

If you are hosting a birthday party, street fair, family get-together, company bash, picnic, or a carnival, you may want to have a tent. However, different party events have different set up needs. If you have a large group of guests, you want to go for a tent that can house everybody comfortably.

The tent is easy to assemble. It is strong and steady and your guests will not be worried or feel unsafe even when it is set up in the open space or backyard. This tent requires an area of about 21×41 feet for installation thus doesn’t use up a lot of space while still being able to sit a lot more people.

The tent comes with anodized Aluminum 2 inch frame and block out white vinyl fabric 16oz.

About Our Party Tent rental

Party Rentals offers an all-day rental service and you also have the option of a free delivery and pickup at the end of your function. You don’t have to bother about ferrying the tents to your venue. We handle that because we want to make sure that you event is successful. We know that you have a lot of things to put in order, why then don’t we chip and offer a lending hand? With our 20×40 Party Tent, you have few tents at your venue housing a bigger number of guests. It also saves you on the rental costs instead of having to rent many small tents.

Why Choose Us?

We area top rated party rental equipment provider in and provide high quality service and equipment rentals at competitive prices. You can expect excellent service, reliability and quality personalized experience for each customer. We will deliver on time and in excellent condition. Another plus is that there are no surprise add-on expenses with us. The price you receive in the beginning is the price you pay in the end when you rent our equipment. Our staffs are property trained on event organization. They will help you set up and disassemble the tents in no time. All safety precautions are taken during the time of set up as well as throughout the event.

20×40 Party Tent pricing

Our 20×40 Party Tent comes with a daily fee of $350 only. We know that you may different time frames for you party. You may need the tent for a day, two, or a week. Whichever the case, we are there to ensure you get the best price.

party rentals delivery detailsDelivery& Pickups

Our services extend to delivery and local pick up at absolutely no extra charge since the cost is covered in the overall rental amount.  Our staff is also made up of professionals who will deliver the tents and mount them for you on time to ensure that your party runs smoothly and on schedule.

Party Rentals also provides amongst other things power generators, tables and chairs so it’s a one stop shop for all your party event needs.


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